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05 July 2020
Young Adult
Rick Gekoski is an American book collector who now lives in the UK. To be precise, he makes a living by collecting rare books and selling them on at a considerable profit. He is also a writer of some repute, an academic and former university lecturer...
04 July 2020
The Tireless American RoseEve GaalThe tireless American rose.Graced our fallen,pricked our foes. A graveside decoration,saluted by soldiers,a comfort to widows,the perfume of angels,to any discerning nose.A queen’s bouquet,a honeymoon kiss,where peta...
04 July 2020
Author Musings & News
I entered this essay in an Editor Unleashed forum competition eleven years ago,  for which the theme was “Why I Write.”Raison d’ecrireI have been writing for as long as I can remember. Whether it was little stories for myself, poetry or plays for cla...
04 July 2020
Young Adult
An old man wearing a ragged tweed suit and broken brogues stands at the side of Front Square. He has stood here every day for as long as anyone can remember. When Trinity College teemed with tourists this old man and his daily vigil was a noteworthy ...
04 July 2020
Action & Adventure
And let’s admit it, it is fitting that a post about the endless reworking / rewriting / tweaking / revising we do to our work in order to push the finish line as far as possible should have a second part.I mean, the first was not quite finished, righ...
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