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The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 5 – Christos

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Thursday, 02 July 2020
Nessa stood with the crowd, waiting. She’d never seen a bar fight before, let alone an organized one, so it would be fun. It’s not like anyone would be hurt, not really. There had to be clerics around, too. Seriously, why would they want anyone to die doing this? It’d make it impossible to get anyon...

Facemasks, freedom, and morality

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Morning everyone. I live in Washington state. In the same county where the first COVID-19 case was discovered officially. I’m back to work now after three months of being furloughed. I’ve had to change a majority of my life because of the virus, even though I don’t personally know anyone who has had...

The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 4 – Serena

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Tuesday, 23 June 2020
Nessa lay down on the grassy hillside, letting the sound of the waves below her echo in her ears. She liked Saltmarsh so far. The people were so friendly! Her room at The Wicker Goat wasn’t big, but it was clean. She made sure to make the bed every morning, too. Not that sleeping outside, in the cro...

The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 3 – Varas

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Monday, 22 June 2020
Nessa skipped down the road, an empty basket in hand. She’d found a job yesterday, running errands for Councilman Gellan. He was a kind man, older than her own grandsire, and certainly didn’t object to paying her well to do small things. This morning, it was a trip to the baker. Gellan was hosting s...

The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 2 – Nessa

  2.   Fantasy
  3. Sunday, 21 June 2020
She sniffed the air, pausing. That was strange. It didn’t smell right. It was salty, and sorta like fish. And not good fish like you’d get for dinner. This was raw, or rotten, or both. It was also new, different. Nessa adjusted the pack on her back, smiling at the birds that flew overhead. They were...

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