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Why people underestimate indie authors?

  2.   Book Reviews
  3. Monday, 21 September 2020
Stereotypes about indie authors are the main obstacle to their success. If you ask an average man about indie authors, he will say: " They are not real authors, because they are not publishing in a traditional way. "If you go with questions further, there are some myths:Indie authors should give the...

The list of general mistakes for indie authors

  2.   Book Reviews
  3. Friday, 18 September 2020
It has been three years since I uploaded my first book on Amazon.  If I knew then what I know nowadays, things would be different.  I made all the possible mistakes that indie author could do, and this affected my status in Amazon, but not for so long. It was a good lesson. I did not edit the book. ...

Why I started to write?

  2.   Book Reviews
  3. Wednesday, 16 September 2020
I am talking about my motives, what inspires me, and why I decided to write. Subscribe to my channel for comment.Original linkOriginal author: Kristina Gallo...

Representing author K. T. McQueen

  2.   Book Reviews
  3. Monday, 14 September 2020
Let me represent an awesome author. Her style is mysterious, she is writing horror stories and myths in the way it makes you feel like you got lost in a dark fairytale.  K.T.McQueen is an extension of Kate Trinity.Stars are the first story in the series and a kind of introduction.  K.T. McQueen has ...

Does a relationship without obligation exist?

  2.   Book Reviews
  3. Thursday, 10 September 2020
You heard about this story already: "I want the relationship without the obligation. " This is how a man turns on his defensive mechanism when he doesn't want to commit to a woman.  He wants immediately to clear all conditions: I am not obligated to be faithful. I am not obligated to reply to your m...

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