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The Best Marketing Advice I’ve Heard from JR WARD

J.R. Ward August 2 at 3:19 PM · Friday is for Writers Marketing… …or in other words, it’s still all about the work. I spent most of last week at RWA National in NYC so a discussion about marketing seems particularly appropriate. As an aside, I’d like to thank all of the writers and readers who came ...

Brent & Brie is LIVE!

NOW LIVE!!! THE ONE I WANT: A SERIES OF LOVE STORIES BRENT & BRIE Grab your copy As soon as their hands touched, electricity raced up her arm, lifting the fine hairs with the energy pulsing between them. His thumb rubbed over the back of her hand, tracing the delicate...

1 MORE DAY! Brent & Brie is releasing soon!

1 MORE DAY!!! THE ONE I WANT: A SERIES OF LOVE STORIES BRENT & BRIE Grab your copy When her gaze met his, she smiled, and it was like a choir of angels lifted in song. The soft cushions of her lips parted, and her tiny pink tongue darted out. He couldn’t help the natu...

2 MORE DAYS! Brent & Brie is releasing soon!

2 MORE DAYS!!! BRENT & BRIE THE ONE I WANT: A SERIES OF LOVE STORIES Grab your copy Like something out of a movie, light spilled around the slender form of a woman, putting all her curves on display; and what amazing curves they were. Trim and toned, the woman had ama...

I am writing another dark, captive romance

Aiden & Ariel’s story is coming out in 10 DAYS! I’m thrilled to bring a series of true love & romance to you and can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with all the couples Jet and I wrote about: Aiden & Ariel, Brent & Brie, Caleb & Caitlyn, and Dax & Dani. While those finish various stages of edit...

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