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Books of 2019...

  2.   Romance
  3. Thursday, 02 January 2020
I read a total of 95 books in 2019 and binged a few terrific new (to me) mystery series. You can check out the entire list over on Goodreads but these few were my five-star favourites, listed in order read with most recently finished first:The Dragon Lady by Louisa TregerThe Other Windsor Girl by Ge...

just a little buzz...

  2.   Romance
  3. Friday, 09 August 2019
How to make an author happy: leave a review! I can be a bit intimidating, but a book review doesn't need to be complicated - just a few words will do the trick. You'll make an author smile by letting them know someone is out there, reading their work. Even more important, your review will ...

books of 2018...

  2.   Romance
  3. Tuesday, 01 January 2019
I read eighty-seven books in 2018, most of them e-books on my iPad. These seventeen were my highest-rated (listed alphabetically, by author):A Tiding of Magpies by Steve Burrows Bleeding Darkness by Brenda Chapman The Cat of the Baskervilles by Vicki DelanyA Scandal in Scarlet by Vicki Delany'Twas t...

Sparks Fly homecoming...

  2.   Romance
  3. Saturday, 21 July 2018
This excerpt from Sparks Fly really sets the scene for me from Logan's point of view:  "Beyond the window, across a narrow stretch of dark water, windswept white pines stood guard on a rocky islet. Home. Such a beautiful word. A beautiful place...rugged and wild." I've tried to capture the feel of L...

books of 2017...

  2.   Romance
  3. Monday, 01 January 2018
Happy New Year and welcome to my seventh annual New Year's Day book list. I almost made it to one hundred books in 2017... but not quite. According to Goodreads, I missed the big number by four. My five-star reads were a mix of mystery, historical fiction, and non-fiction and if there's an overarchi...

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