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Best Part of My Day

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  4. Tuesday, 18 September 2018
  Best Part of My Day   Ah, it’s Monday! I’ve done my exercises! I’ve shaved, showered, had my one cup of coffee, my English Muffins – crisp, with butter, cream cheese, and strawberry preserves, my glass of milk, and I’ve thanked my good wife. Oh, and I’ve given Lady Gray her ‘Temptations’ treat! Ex...

Why am I Still Alive?

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  3. Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Why am I Still Alive? Why Am I Still Alive? Ah, let me list the ways! Why am I still alive? To annoy people who tire of my sometimes pedantic and/or melancholy matters of the heart and mind! A mechanic will tell you what’s wrong with your car, often times, not words you wish to hear! “A cracked engi...

Author Tina Frisco Interviews Author Billy Ray Chitwood

 AUTHORS, BOOKS, PROMOTION #AUTHOR INTERVIEW: BILLY RAY CHITWOOD JUNE 15, 2018 TINA FRISCO 93 COMMENTS .I’m delighted to help promote the relaunch of Billy Ray Chitwood‘s novel, Mama’s Madness, to be released June 21st. Billy Ray is the author of 14 books, in the genres...

Re-Launch of MAMA'S MADNESS - A novel inspired by true events...

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  4. Saturday, 23 June 2018
Re-Launch of “Mama’s Madness” “Mama’s Madness” – Re-Launch – June 21, 2018 One more time!  “Mama’s Madness” has been among my fourteen books my best seller, and I’ve changed the cover a few times. WHY AM DOING IT AGAIN? Call me crazy, but this time I also did some re-writing, making some changes her...

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