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  2.   Crime
  3. Tuesday, 17 March 2020
Welcome to the world of self-isolation – the place where we stay at home.If you can work from home, you’ve got something to get on with during working hours, but if you can’t, then you have some extra hours to fill.Even if you are still able to work, the range of after-hours activities available to ...

Reading The East Park Syndicate

  2.   Crime
  3. Tuesday, 10 March 2020
The East Park Syndicate, like any good murder mystery, starts with the discovery of a body. In this case, the body of the mayor of East Park – businessman and political insider – Doug Clarke. The story is driven by several questions: Who killed Doug Clarke? Why was he killed? Will Inspector West and...

Framed: A Ryan Parish PI Short Story-scene eight

  2.   Crime
  3. Tuesday, 12 November 2019
‘The prick’s been lying to me, Ryan,’ said Maggie, as soon as she sat down.‘What?’‘The Prosecutor’s Office called as I was leaving the office. The police have cracked the password on his phone and accessed his photos.’ She stared at me, primal rage written all over her face. I wondered if she was go...

Framed: A Ryan Parish PI Short Story-scene seven

  2.   Crime
  3. Tuesday, 05 November 2019
WhenI got back to Adelaide, I called Heather Knight and asked her about the girlsthat smoked on the balcony.‘Oh,that would be Mandy and Anna,’ said Heather, ‘but they weren’t working thenight Ellen was murdered.’‘Doyou check those doors when you lock up, Heather?’‘Thealarm won’t set unless they’re l...

Framed: A Ryan Parish PI Short Story-scene six

  2.   Crime
  3. Wednesday, 30 October 2019
Hamilton was a six-hour drive from Adelaide. I spent the night in a motel and went to see Ellen Ford’s parents at ten on the morning after I’d arrived. I guess I could have telephoned but I thought they deserved a face to face interview, seeing I was batting for the opposing side.They were wary of m...

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