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25 August 2019
Young Adult
And Alex Still Has Acne is my novel for Young Adults that has been an Amazon best-seller, and was re-published by Solstice Publishing in 2018. It’s a short, chirpy, read with a feel good ending, but a few dark episodes along the way: acne, adoption, ...
24 August 2019
Continuing snippets from my fantasy novel 'The Matchmaker's Mare which takes place in Wales. The  story is told from three p.o.vs. and two time-lines. Today's excerpt is again from Rhiannon's p.o.v. and takes place in the distant past, a few chapter...
24 August 2019
Use a wood fired stove and stay cool by starting to cook when the punishing sun  goes down. That, unfortunately, means eating at 9.00pm, later than I would like.Today at my house in SW France. Wood collected on dog walks. #savethefuckingplanet Photo ...
24 August 2019
Science Fiction
Watching a documentary on an ancient Irish dolman the other night, in which a theory was proposed that it was built to observe and time the equinoxes, it seemed to me that perhaps the Ggantija ‘temples’ in Gozo’s Xaghra was built for a similar reason...
24 August 2019
Action & Adventure
I am pleased to announce that The Earphones Diaries, my daily unrequited and mostly unwanted reviews of the records I am listening to, is back online after a two-weeks hiatus due to somebody signalling my Instagram account.You can find The Earphones ...
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