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Latest Syndicated Blog Posts
25 April 2019
Diana Devlin scanned the September night from the window of her Cessna 402 as the twin-engines purred. She enjoyed listening to the smooth and familiar motors. The mechanical music was like a fine symphony to her ears and part of her fastidious natur...
24 April 2019
Connections. Isn’t that the entire reason for the Internet and all the various, social media sites? Here's a bizarre tale of a tale:The other day, we had a new LED bulb that went dark in the kitchen. I got on a chair with a wooden spoon and pushed th...
24 April 2019
Author Musings & News
Fellow author Amy Neftzger recently wrote a column for a writer’s group that I belong to called BookDaily in which she provided some good advice for novice writers.Amy is an author of fiction for both adults and children and you can find out more abo...
24 April 2019
I've lived without a TV for over a decade. Apart from refusing to contribute to the outrageous salaries of BBC staff, I object to being told what to think. What and how I think is the last true freedom I have. Not being glued to a television means I ...
24 April 2019
Young Adult
The Eleventh Film XVIIThis was the world’s last great expedition. The territory was not uncharted. All was familiar. But it was just no longer feasible.She reached the Library and spent her days and nights exploring texts, poring over cuneiform – des...
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