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20 January 2020
Mystery & Detective
Image by 1820796 from PixabayWhen a person shows you who he is, believe him the first time; don’t be fooled by his drop-dead gorgeous features, his way with words, and his dress to kill apparel, and the first topic of discussion is money. However, yo...
19 January 2020
Science Fiction
I have vague memories of hearing about the Spanish Civil War and Hemmingway, but it wasn’t until I read Domingo’s Angel by Jenny Twist, that I had some understanding of what really happened.In Twist’s novel, a tall, thin, pale English girl wanders in...
19 January 2020
Young Adult
Lee Child comes from Coventry, the city I have lived in for the last 30 years. He is the author of the fantastically successful Jack Reacher series in which his hero tours America righting wrongs. Child has been in the news recently as he has announc...
19 January 2020
Author Musings & News
Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USI'm pleased to welcome author Wayne McKinstry to The Writing Desk:Tell us about your latest bookSir Donald and Lord Overton are bitter rivals for the favor of King Phillip deRoyale. But now their world is threaten...
19 January 2020
Young Adult
The power of the crowd was such that Inteachán found it hard not to join in the singing.She looked at Mac and he shook his head.‘Someone has to not,’ he said. ‘We came only to observe and hopefully record.’The family turned to look at Mac and he stop...
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