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King of Hart

Violeta  Bagia Updated
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King of Hart
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Things were pretty crappy before, but nothing could have prepared Ace for what was waiting for her when she finally woke up.
Months had passed since she fought Damon in the warehouse, months since she’d held Illarion and made plans for their future.
But now, as she realizes the severity of her situation, she finds that she has more to worry about than the pretty gowns, extravagant dinners, drugs and deceit.
When superhuman agent, Ace Hart wakes up after her last grueling mission, she's consumed by confusion.
Secluded in a strange mansion, Ace has the unshakable feeling that something is very, very wrong. With her connection to Agent Lazarev destroyed, and no Agency back-up, she has only her own skill set to rely on.
Despite being heavily drugged, she’s determined to escape and as her fractured mind slowly clears, Ace realizes that her powers are being drained and twisted, turning her into a monstrous weapon.
Will Ace be able to fight the dark force that becomes her, or will she succumb to the Taker?

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