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A Medium's Birthday Surprise

Chariss K. Walker Updated
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A Medium's Birthday Surprise

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Full Title
A Medium's Birthday Surprise (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series, Book 1)
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  • eBook
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
A Medium's Birthday Surprise

Book Description

Becky Tibbs didn’t ask for the job of medium, but after her parents died, she was stuck with the unusual ability. Becky must make the best of a difficult situation.
Living in Asheville, North Carolina, she has to contend with a lot of departed spirits and it can get rather hectic doing so. Misunderstood ghosts can create a lot of problems for a community.
Becky has the gift the same as her brother and sister. The only difference is that her siblings don’t want anything to do with their paranormal abilities and they’ll do anything in their power to drown out those disembodied souls who plead for help.
Used to dealing with ghosts on a daily basis, Becky is not easily surprised. However, on her 26th birthday, Becky get the biggest shock she’s had in the past ten years.
Join Becky as she solves many mysteries in this light, clean, airy, and informative series.
Readers' Favorite Editorial Review:
An unexpected birthday visitor from the Otherside brings a decade-old mystery to light in the enchanting murder mystery, A Medium's Birthday Surprise (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series) by Chariss K. Walker. After the death of her parents, Becky and her siblings are surprised to discover they inherited more than an antiques store and physical traits from their parents. The only one to embrace her new abilities, Becky has built a reputable business in helping people with problems of a ghostly nature. On her twenty-sixth birthday, Becky is surprised by a well-wisher from her distant past. The uninvited guest is Josh, the boyfriend of her youth, who deserted Becky at her Sweet Sixteen party, never to return. Curious as to why Josh has suddenly surfaced after so many years, Becky starts investigating the circumstances of his death. With the help of her family and ghostly friends, Becky uncovers a startling secret that involves the events that led to Josh's demise.

The mystery of what happens to those who linger after death is unveiled in this intriguing mystery by Chariss K. Walker. It is a quaint and delightful novel that delves into the problems of those who have died and how a young woman addresses their unfinished business. It is an exciting cozy mystery complete with murder, mystery, and spirits. The main character, Becky, is a lovable and strikingly normal person. Her ability to take the antics and explosions the ghosts subject her to as a normal and everyday occurrence is admirable, and I was pleasantly reminded of Melinda Gordon's character in the television series, Ghost Whisperer. This is a marvelous novel with a paranormal flavor and is perfect for everyone who loves a cozy ghostly mystery. If you are a fan of Ghost Whisperer, then you will not want to miss this series.

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