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Mystical Journey

Peter Mulraney Updated
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Mystical Journey

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Mystical Journey: A Handbook for Modern Mystics
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Mystical Journey

Book Description

Modern tools for modern mystics.
Modern mystics don’t get to hide away in monasteries and ashrams or a cave in the mountains like the holy men and women of the past.
In these secular times, modern mystics are ordinary people called to the mystical journey in the everyday world.
Perhaps you’ve heard the call to the mystical journey but you’re not quite sure what to do next. Maybe you’re wondering what this mystical journey stuff is all about. You’re in the right place.
In this handbook for modern mystics by Peter Mulraney, author of My Life is My Responsibility, you’ll find a clear description of the mystical journey, inspiring insights, and a helpful set of tools for navigating your way.
This is a handbook for those ready to start the mystical journey - and for those who have set out on their own.

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