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Barbara Billig

Barbara Billig Updated April 04, 2015



Book Listings

#1 Best Seller in kindle science category for "The Nuclear Catastrophe" and "#Betrayal"
"#Betrayal" was a winner in the 'Best First Chapter' category from UP Authors


Barbara Billig

Author Details

Pen Name
Barbara Billig
Where I Live
Westlake Village, Ca.
Barbara Griffin Billig graduated from Washington University in St. Louis at age nineteen with a degree in biology and chemistry. She taught for several years in St. Louis before moving to Southern California. There she owned a variety of businesses including pet shops, restaurants, and a real estate brokerage firm. Deciding to take a sabbatical from the business world for several years she wrote, in conjunction with another teacher, Bett Pohnka, "The Nuclear Catastrophe", published in 1977. This fiction novel of survival and suspense portrayed what ultimately came to pass with 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the Japan Fukushima nuclear reactors meltdown. The 1st edition is still available in libraries today. A new updated 4th edition of "The Nuclear Catastrophe" is now available, commemorating the 4th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. In paperback the book is also published under the title "The Disquiet Survivors of the Nuclear Catastrophe".

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has been called one of the most significant events of the 21st century. March 11, 2015, marked the 4th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The first fiction novel (published originally in hardcover), "The Nuclear Catastrophe", predicted that this type nuclear incident was going to happen. But not only has the accident validated what terrible things can happen, others are now writing and reiterating:

"Fukushima is not a Japanese nuclear accident - it is a nuclear accident that happened to occur in Japan. The problems that caused the Fukushima accident exist wherever these type reactors operate."

Now years have passed after the accident. Many of the several hundred thousand evacuated people are still living in cubicles in warehouses, with no possessions. Financial aid is being cut off. And no cleanup has been achieved. Radioactive water massively leaks from the destroyed plants into the ocean. The heavily forested areas of Japan have radioactive dust throughout the tree foliage, with rain washing down this dust, spreading contamination. There is no where to dispose of radioactive soil, so it is bagged and abandoned. The government seems unconcerned.

For this reason a fictional sequel to "The Nuclear Catastrophe" called "#Betrayal, a Nuclear Fiction Novel of Survival" was written. Is the aftermath of the accident worse than the accident itself? It is set in Japan and Southern California. The lives of the characters all intertwine in this tale of betrayal with lies, murder, greed, and power. Whom should you trust? "#Betrayal" has won an award in the category of 'Best First Chapter' from UP Authors!

The earth has come close to extinguishing itself in five different points of its history. This fictional re-creation of what has happened to people in Japan and in the United States will hopefully bring more awareness of what nuclear can do to the help save it for the next generation.

Following "#Betrayal", the next nuclear novel (written with Michelle McKeeth) was released in December, 2014. After a contest to choose the name, the following was selected:

"Nuclear Road Trip - Onward to Destruction". Terrorists are alive and well, busy with their sabotage of the United States, the country they expect to take over for themselves. A target city has been selected. A plan is in place. They are certain they can far surpass what happened to the twin towers in New York City on 9/11.

When "The Nuclear Catastrophe" was originally written, the scientific community said it could never happen. But it did (Fukushima proved this terrible event is possible and will most likely happen again). When this horrible tragedy was mostly ignored, "#Betrayal" was written. The scientific community said it was an insignificant happening, not worthy of attention. But they were wrong.

"Nuclear Road Trip - Onward to Destruction" sets the story for what we will see next. Terrorists are here in the United States and throughout the world. There seems to be little concern that nuclear waste is stored at all nuclear power plants with little attention or regard. This is a dangerous perception. The novel is fiction - until it becomes reality.

Barbara Griffin Billig is also the author of a previous book "A Successful Business of Your Own". She and her husband, Edward Billig currently own Clearview Investments, Inc. which has several different businesses under that corporation name including construction and real estate.

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