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Richard Dawes

Richard Dawes Updated July 12, 2014



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Richard Dawes

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Richard Dawes
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Richard Dawes, author of the Tucson Kid Series.

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The Ride Begins – A review of the novel ‘Storm Rider’

"I have vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals. -- Butch Cassidy

A person's attitude or personality can be shaped by many things. Some say it’s inherent or in the genes, that you can’t escape your lineage. Others say it depends on the environment in which you grow up, that it is the things you see and hear in your childhood that shapes you. But all this is not set in stone, for the greatest freedom a man or a woman can hope for is to have the ability and the courage to choose their own way of life, to form their own opinions and not allow their judgment to be clouded by the opinions of the day or by the dictum of the majority. It’s not only about following an original path; you can be inspired by example, and you should be able to separate good from bad and chart your life accordingly. But the life you choose should be your own. And if you are able to inspire someone, make them want to emulate you, well and good but that should not be your main concern. You should continue to live your life in the way you intend it to be. Obviously, there must be a code to that life, some principles to adhere to lest it lead to moral corruption, which will end by causing you to diverge from society. So the philosophy is simple, less talk and more action.

In author Richard Dawes' first book in the Tucson Kid Western series, ‘Storm Rider’, we are introduced to a character called the Tucson Kid, who is the quintessential gunman of the old west who doesn't care about the law, only about what's right. His belief in himself and his independent attitude is matched only by his ability to use his guns and to fight like a panther. He is hired by the Great Northern Fur Company to go after Rex Normanson, an erstwhile partner of the company who has gone rogue and is inciting Indian tribes to revolt against the American Government. A coalition of the fur company, the U.S. Army and the Canadian government want Rex Normanson stopped at all costs. He is believed to be hiding atop Eagle Mountain with a large group of fighting men. While some believe this to be a suicide mission, the Tucson Kid accepts the job. He is accompanied on the mission by a beautiful half-Indian woman named Sophie Halloway, who will work as a guide. The gunman, Joe Personelli, and his band of twenty men go along to act as the security detail for the mission. As the Tucson Kid and the rest soon find out, however, the journey to Eagle Mountain becomes more treacherous and dangerous than they ever expected.

If you love Western stories filled with lots of action and a little romance, then Storm Rider, the first book in the Tucson Kid Western series will please you immensely. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, you will fall in love with this book and wait for the second part in the series because Storm Rider works on so many different levels. It has a hero who is extremely confident and skilful at what he does, and yet is very human. His straightforward talking will be one of the many reasons you will be able to relate to him. The setting of the story, the rich and detailed descriptions, help you picture the scenes as the action unfolds. Richard Dawes' ability to spin a story and keep the intensity going from page one to the very end is a very rare skill and is one of the best things about this book.

By the end of the book, the Tucson Kid is completely transformed. However much you thought you understood him during the course of the story, your viewpoint will be shattered as he reveals this new side to him. A surprisingly sensitive ending after all the heavy duty action that takes place during the rest of the book will leave you pleasantly surprised. By presenting this new side to the Tucson Kid, Richard Dawes sets up the rest of the series beautifully, because now the character of the Tucson Kid is fully established, you can’t wait to find out about his next big adventure.

Product Details
• Paperback: 134 pages
• Publisher: Melange Books (January 28, 2014)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1612357245
• ISBN-13: 978-1612357249

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