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Darren Gilbert
Darren Gilbert was born in Ilion, NY but grew up in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. An avid reader, he particularly enjoys military history, epic sagas, spy novels and historical fiction. In addition to serving in the U.S. Army from 1979 to 1983, Darren has over 33 years of martial...
Don M. Tompkins
Ted Mason, the new President-elect, has seventy-two days until his inauguration. There’s a lot to do, but it’s all overshadowed by a possible threat on his life. A torn piece of paper with his name, another name, and his inauguration date was found on the dead body of a former...
Volker Fremuth
Do you believe in SANTA? Jason Pelham is a senior manager whose talents propel him toward the top of the food chain of one of the largest corporations in the world; but with his ascension he becomes aware of the corruption and predation that inherently seems to cast its shadow...
Stuart Craigie
Stuart Craigie has chosen as underlying theme in his three espionage thrillers, the world-wide criminal and terrorist networks and the secret war the British MI6 and American CIA have waged against them. If you are interested in spy thrillers in the mold of his favorite authors, Forsyth, Higgins, Le Carre’,...
Khali Raymond is an exceptional individual who had published a lot of work at a very young age. His serious and realistic writing style is just the icing on the cake when you’re indulging into him. Not only he’s into writing, but he has a muse for music and a...
Paul Challis
Born in 1975, Paul Challis is a Software Engineer by day, and a writer by night. Living near Huntington, Paul has a full house with one wife, two kids, one dog, four chickens and one rather under-loved vegetable garden. Working his way through his wife’s library of books, Paul only...
Ken Cressman
Ken Cressman has been an electrician, carpenter, plumber, sailor, high school teacher, graphic designer, photographer, actor, theatrical producer, set designer, and a retail manager, among other things. He has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (home of Pearl S. Buck and James A. Michener); New York City; Norfolk, Virginia and Wilmington,...
Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker received his bachelor’s degree in management and his master’s degree in international relations. He joined the US Army and spent five years in Italy. After retiring from the military, Parker spent an additional fifteen years in the defense industry. Now retired again, Parker enjoys writing, scuba diving, sailing,...
Patrick Parker Featured
Rick DeStefanis
Writer, photographer, and avid outdoorsman Rick DeStefanis lives in northern Mississippi with his wife of forty years, Janet. While his nonfiction writing, such as The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting, focuses on his outdoor excursions, it is his military expertise that informs his novels. His works, Raeford’s MVP (coming fall,...
Roselyn Jewell
I'm an author, a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and so much more! I've always loved reading and found myself wanting to continue the stories I loved so much, which is how I started writing. Now I've finally reached my dream of being published. My novels...
J.R. Rogers
J.R. Rogers, is a historical thriller novelist of espionage, intrigue and romance. (He/Him). He has written seven novels and also a collection of short stories a number of which have been published. His latest novel THE ITALIAN COUPLE was released in April 2018. He is currently at work on...
Sheryl Wright
It’s 2004 and the western world is desperate for real evidence of Iran’s nuclear intentions. With the accuracy of intelligence gathering under deep scrutiny, both the CIA and MI6 are ordered to deliver indisputable evidence and call on their joint taskforce, the Special Operations Executive. Tori Braithwaite, the SOE Commander,...
Santino Hassell
Santino Hassell will soon be releasing contemporary romance novels and urban paranormal novels.
Deep Downer
The credence was dead, and with it, the inviolable troth.
Richard Bivins
Writing what I feel I need to write!
Joanne Jaytanie
Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to explore the world. During her college years she slowly crept across the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and finally...
Alex Shaw
Kindle bestselling author of the Aidan Snow SAS thrillers 'Hetman' & 'Cold Black'
Jayelle Cochran
Indie Urban Fantasy Distopian Author and Artist, Jayelle Cochra
Percival Constantine
Action Fiction Author
Lippe Simone
The gorillas seemed surprised to see her and responded as gorillas always will when confronted with a bulldozer, which is largely indistinguishable from their response to the sudden appearance of any heavy construction machinery.
71 results - showing 1 - 20
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