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E. C. Downes
a list with 1 item created by E.C.Downes E.C.Downes on July 09, 2020
The first novel of the EUROPA Trilogy, Europa Dreams begins as Sarah Green faces the most difficult decision of her life. “If someone told you your life was going to end then offered you an olive branch to save it, would you take it?” This is the question Sarah asks the reader after a chance sequence of events, culminates in her opening an email in her spam from a Commodore Adrian Reese, who leads her to an unknown RAF base at an undisclosed location in England. Here, upon meeting the charming Commodore and learning of the Earth’s imminent destruction, Sarah makes the decision to relocate to a newly discovered planet in a Goldilocks Zone. A decision which leads her to the end of an adventure that she, Adrian and many of the other colonists who join her, believe is only just beginning. Although the colonists arrive safely on their new home planet, things do not go according to plan. As the binary suns rise they discover they have landed outside of the drop zone in a desert waste land with soaring temperatures. Their hunt for water is soon a priority which divides the six ships. What is more, Sarah finds herself in a love triangle with Adrian and realises that her dreams are actually premonitions. But it is when the colonist find themselves in a fight to survive an alien predator bent on killing them all, that Sarah and Adrian must learn the secret of Europa’s enigmatic sentient beings, if they are to save the planet itself.
Doug Weller Releases New Literary Short Story Collection - Six Word Wonder
a list with 1 item created by Steve Haberman Steve Haberman on June 26, 2020
a WWII spy thriller. $1.95, Amazon, B/N, Apple, Roko. A Churchill emissary asks a disgraced, ex-NY City detective to find a German spy in the prime minister's government before the Nazis invade Britain.
Old Mill Road
a list with 5 items created by L.V. Gaudet L.V. Gaudet on May 14, 2020
My published books
Endri Shqerra
a list with 1 item created by Endri Shqerra Endri Shqerra on March 20, 2020
Early school age English children acquire over 3000 words a year. The main factors which account for such rapid vocabulary growth are context and word-formation knowledge. Such vocabulary growth is also of great interest in the L2 acquisition. Using empirical tests, the book puts side by side L1 and L2 acquisition of word-formation devices. The first chapter explores the early acquisition of word-formation devices by English children and presents the principles through which cross-linguistic influence diverts L2 learners from the natural way of acquiring word-formation devices of their target language. It also presents the 'Dual Semantic Transparency' Hypothesis in the L2 acquisition. The second and third chapters utilize empirical evidence in examining the advanced acquisition of word-formation devices by both native speakers and L2 learners, as well as highlight the points in which morphological cross-linguistic transfer is more evident to L2 learners. The fourth chapter offers suggestions over the way L2 learners' knowledge of word-formation devices of their target language can be improved. The book is targeted to anyone interested in language acquisition.
Jerry Bader
a list with 1 item created by Jerry Bader Jerry Bader on January 04, 2020
On a chilly November New York City morning in 1953, a scientist working for the CIA on psychotropic mind-control experiments walked off the tenth-floor balcony of the Statler Hotel. He had become increasingly disenchanted with the bizarre and incredibly dangerous work he had been doing in service to national security. Despite the patriotic rationale, the scientist felt his life’s work was immoral and most certainly illegal. He wanted out, unfortunately, he knew too much, and knowing too much is a very precarious position to be in if you work for a clandestine operation run by America’s very own version of Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death. The scientist insisted on getting out, and out he got, through the window and off the balcony of the Statler Hotel on that brisk Fall morning in Manhattan. Was suicide his solution for terminating his deal with the devil or did the devil do him in? It’s impossible to say. The evidence although in plain sight is murky and blurred by time and the self-preservation of those responsible. I know what you’re thinking, not in my America, not in my beloved United States, not in the home of the brave and the land of the free. Unfortunately, it did happen; it’s the kind of thing that happens when governments feel an existential threat. America has a fundamental flaw, an Achilles heel of perspective and attitude; it fails to understand history and its place in it. In the words of philosopher, George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” If you believe it can’t happen
Jerry Bader
a list with 1 item created by Jerry Bader Jerry Bader on January 04, 2020
The world is a dangerous place, and every country has men and women tasked to protect it. These people go by many names: secret agent, intelligence officer, and analyst are just a few. Harry is one such person. He is an analyst. He spends his time reading, researching, and analyzing, followed by writing reports that often never see the light of day. Harry is well educated with a seemingly important job, but Harry is bored. Bored, because analysts never get to be the hero, never get to order cocktails stirred not shaken, and, never, never, get the girl. Harry is frustrated, frustrated because his superiors told him the report he just spent six months working on is to be tabled, and no, he can’t have a field operative to work with to follow up. Harry has one very dangerous character flaw, he has an imagination, not something the men on the Top Floor appreciate. Harry needs to prove himself; he needs some excitement in his life, and that excitement comes in a deadly package of intrigue and murder that combines something called the Sister Project with a Russian master spy, H. K. Kyrsa, code name, the Beautiful Rat, and the devastatingly gorgeous Harriet. The question is, is it all just happening in Harry’s head, or is there a real plot that needs to be stopped? Is Harry just plain crazy, or are the Russians out to mess with the West one more time? Harry is on his own, not sure who to trust. Are there any good guys in the world of espionage? The only way to find out is to find Kyrsa, the Beautiful Rat. Join Harry in his search for what may not even be real.
Jennifer Daniels
a list with 2 items created by Jennifer  Daniels Jennifer Daniels on November 06, 2019
Fantasy, Romance
a list with 4 items created by Amber Anthony Amber Anthony on November 04, 2019
Alex Palange
a list with 1 item created by Alex Palange Alex Palange on October 02, 2019
Cassandra Dunn - Editor
a list with 1 item created by Jaclyn Tracey Jaclyn Tracey on June 30, 2019
a list with 1 item created by John R Nygard III John R Nygard III on June 27, 2019
Allan Krummenacker
a list with 3 items created by Michael Eaborn Michael Eaborn on June 08, 2019
Julia Mills
a list with 1 item created by briar rose elliot briar rose elliot on May 08, 2019
a list with 1 item created by Cometan Cometan on March 28, 2019
List of authors who are primarily considered to be philosophers.
Rescued By the Scot
a list with 1 item created by Paula Lynn Brummel Paula Lynn Brummel on March 20, 2019
Rescued by the Scot
HOT NEW REVIEW: ★★★★★ New 5 Star Review for The Novice Ghost Hunter!
a list with 1 item created by Michele  Gay O’Reilly Michele Gay O’Reilly on January 23, 2019
On Psychology4MEME1080
a list with 1 item created by Michele  Gay O’Reilly Michele Gay O’Reilly on January 23, 2019
Bush Hog 1875x2500
a list with 20 items created by Nellie Cake Nellie Cake on January 07, 2019
The title gives it away. How to live and deal with, survive, tolerate or leave a narcissist in the most hilarious ways that won't hurt them, cost or be illegal. Well.....
Bush Hog 1875x2500
a list with 20 items created by Nellie Cake Nellie Cake on January 07, 2019
After a man kidnapped, beat and raped me when I was nine years old I had serious doubts of being the Queen. Then the same man kidnapped, beat, raped, and murdered my two little nine year old card playing Hillbilly girl friends in front of me. So, I knew I would never be the Queen. Then I had a long life of homelessness, violence, abuse, rapes, beatings, guns, and knives while homeless and hitching on the highways which confirmed even further that I'll never be the Queen. Many marriages and relationships with men were long, violent, abusive, rapes, beatings, guns, knives, and narcissistic abuse taking me further from being the Queen. There were lots of incest and inbreeding within both sides of mom and dad's family, but they are no Kings or Queens. ALL of my family alienated me and acted as though they were Kings, Queens and Holier than me, so I wasn't surprised to learn that I wasn't the Queen either.
Bush Hog 1875x2500
a list with 20 items created by Nellie Cake Nellie Cake on January 07, 2019
Last Call: Many who drink does not know the extreme damage that drugs and alcohol causes. I have watched friends and acquaintances literally exploded from extended use of alcohol and drugs, including me. My experience took me into a nine month coma when my stomach exploded and two of my children were stolen while in the coma. I dreamed of walking on Waterford crystal and being like an Eagle swooping down grabbing all the dealers drugs while on drugs and alcohol. But ended walking on concrete and steel. I was an alcoholic drug addict for most of my life, but I quit in an instant on a New Year's Eve night, one minute till midnight.
223 results - showing 1 - 20
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