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FREE Book Feature: The Hitman’s Mistake by author Sally Brandle

.•*´¨❥¸.•*´¨ FREE READ¸.•*´¨❥¸.• While they escape killers…they can’t escape falling in love. I am pleased to announce a cool book offer by author Sally Brandle! The first book in the Love Thrives in Emma Springs Series, The Hitman’s Mistake, is … Continue reading → Original link

Find out More About the World of Tattoos by Science Fiction Author Stacy Overby During OWS CyCon 2019

Welcome to another fantastic stop in our World-building Showcase blog hop! On this stop, we’re highlighting a story that isn’t dependent on the Earth for the action, but you can find a full list of authors and topics on the OWS Cycon website . Let’s dive in! Welcome Stacy Overby! Before we dive in to the nitty gritty, what is Tattoos about? Tattoos is a military style space opera and is the first book in the series. The back blurb can  answer the rest. One hushed cry in the middle of the night, and Eli Thorson's life unravels. A highly trained Black Ops specialist, he's used to danger, but Eli's path forces him to confront the illusions he's been taught his whole life-ones that make him ques...
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Journalism is Dead—Long Live the Media!

Today, I am running a column about journalism written by historian Victor David Hanson. You will find his complete bio at the end of the post. For the past few years, I have struggled to understand, if not accept, what has happened to the practice of journalism in America. It has devolved into something that I no longer recognize. When I began my professional journalism career at the Chicago Tribune in the early 1970s, the concepts of fairness, balance, and objectivity were required components in the newsroom. If I inserted my opinion in a story or if it was perceived as biased, I heard it from any number of Tribune editors. “Yates, you can’t say this,” they would bark.” Where’s the attribut...
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Splendid Desolation (Part Two of Four parts) blog post #337 Courtesy of Last week we meet Vince Lozander, an ex-trucker meets Davy, a twink, in the Eagle Bar, a bear place near the Continental Divide in western New Mexico.. They strike up a conversation, and it soon becomes clear the younger man is looking to hitch a ride. Vince wants to know a little more about him before deciding whether to help out or not. They are still in the bar.Let’s see what gives. ***** SPLENDID ISOLATION I showed Davy the Blue Room with a blonde UNM grad student and a smooth-skinned Navajo on the stage. Davy’s eyes bugged at the tiny G-strings struggling to cover their privates. We found a couple of seats, and I watched ...
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Death Among Us : Book Video Trailer Release

Watch the trailer. Pre-order for only 0.99. Price increases on July 7 release date. The post Death Among Us : Book Video Trailer Release appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

He wants you only to fulfill his needs

Do you know how to make a difference between a guy who likes you and a guy who loves you? Many women make mistakes by listening to compliments from guys who only want to drag them to the bed. A woman's vanity will blossom when a guy says: "You are so different from other women." Indeed, this is his tricky way to get what he wants because he likes you and you are a suitable temporary match, but he doesn't want to be obligated to you. To simplify this, I will say that a man might want many women to have sex, but just one to love her and care about her. Did you already hear this story? "You look very beautiful tonight. I am burning for you. You are sexy." Later on, it could be another story. "I...
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Release Blitz – S.M. James

Today, I’m hosting author S.M. James and her latest release Not Gonna Lie.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** RELEASE BLITZ Book Title: Not Gonna Lie Author: S. M. James Publisher: May Books Cover Artist: Story Styling Cover Designs Release Date: May 16, 2019 Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance Trope/s: Enemies to lovers Themes: … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

#APC #Spotlight: Valkyrie: Darkness Awaits (Valkyrie Darkness Book 1) By Mark McQuillen!

Hey Everyone!! :-) I've got Mark McQuillen in my APC spotlight, today! Mark is an active and supportive member of the   Authors-Professional Co-op  Facebook group and his dark fantasy, epic adventure, mythological horror novel, Valkyrie: Darkness Awaits, looks great! Here's the description: Gil Swanson has been struggling with PTSD for years after the death of his comrades. When a mysterious woman from his past appears pleading for his help he jumps to her aid. Suddenly he finds himself in a epic battle between light and darkness..If you think this sounds like something you might enjoy, go ahead and grab your copy here: Thank you all so much for stopping by! Happy reading! :-) Original link

A New Daddy Easton’s been living one day at a time since his attack. Life has other plans for him. Exactly one year ago, Easton’s life came crashing down. A vicious attack left him deeply scarred inside and out. From the ashes of his life, he’s rebuilt himself into someone new. His life is different in many ways, but—mostly—he’s found a better version of happiness in a new business. Opening his own bakery has been a lifesaver for him. He’s thrown himself into becoming a massive success. For the most part, he’s content. Until Nico walks in and shakes the foundation of Easton’s newfound peace. After a year of watching over Easton from a distance, Nico has decided to take on a ...
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Review of Crossline

I featured this on 27th March, and having read the book, this is my review, posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Crossline by Russ Colchamiro My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a highly original and entertaining science fiction novel, When Marcus Powell takes Taurus Enterprises revolutionary space vehicle ‘Crossline’ on a test-flight, he just can’t resist pushing her a bit further than he probably should have, with astounding consequences. I enjoyed the middle of the book rather more than the first and final parts, finding the change of P.O.V. in the finale a bit abrupt. I found I identified with Buddy, and found him a really interesting character. The climax was exciting and satisfying and I found ...
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Reblogging: What Writing Fanfic Can Teach You — A Writer’s Path

by Sarah Pesce Fanfic tends to get a bad rap and sometimes is cast as the shameful secret that writers hide about their past for fear that it might damage their reputation as a serious author. It’s “unprofessional” or “just a hobby” or “silly” or “not creative enough.” Anyone who’s ever been in […] My first novels were set in the world of the Phantom of the Opera. I guess that tells you where I fall on this matter. via What Writing Fanfic Can Teach You — A Writer’s Path Original link

How Shopping Correlates with Dating and Relationships: a romance blogger post by multi-genre author Marie Lavender

 How Shopping Correlates with Dating and Relationships   I love, love, love shopping…well, for almost anything! I can never be trusted with a credit card. 😉 Most of the time I resist temptation, but now and then, especially if I … Continue reading → Original link

Introducing the Nemo Dynasty

Domenico Attianese is a writer, journalist and screenwriter based in Italy, and a good friend. I am therefore quite happy to point you in the direction of Point Nemo , the first boon in the Nemo Dynasty series. You can consider it, if you like, a pilot episode in a TV series. The idea is simple – for generations the descendants of Captain Nemo have fought against the coming of the Great Old Ones, but now H.P. Lovecraft is about to unleash on our planet the scariest of these ancient horrors. So, OK, maybe simple is not the right word… Like the unholy child of Alan Moore and Jules Verne, with more than a hint of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, Domenico’s story is fast, furious and fun, and mixes pulp ...
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Life goes at 4 miles an hour... a narrow boat. I've seen ducks swim faster! We stopped at this pub last Sunday which was right on the canal and watched in awe as two boats entered the lock, sealed off one end and opened the paddles at the other end to fill the lock with enough water so they could sail on. For the record, this particular lock is inscribed 1856. The occupants of the boats were two retired couples who informed us that they will be living on their boats until the Winter, exploring England's waterways (and keeping the ducks company). Photo copyright SvD. Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

Barnaby Taylor, Terminal Transit – Irish, Apocalyptic, Science Fiction Novel

glitch 1
Synopsis A brilliant research student discovers a plot fulminated by demons from another dimension and kills himself in the process. The fate of the world is left in the hands of an elderly academic and a mysterious orphan. Using the facts surrounding Ireland’s economic collapse in 2008 as it’s starting point, Terminal Transit is an apocalyptic adventure dealing with death and destruction in a Dublin slowly devastated by demonic intervention. Can the end of the world be avoided? Or is this planet simply scheduled for Terminal Transit? Terminal Transit, ‘Chapter I ‘The Song of the NotBeSpeak’’ Verse 1 Professor Amhalgaidh Mac an Bhaird is elderly now, almost ancient. He is an Honorary Fellow ...
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Artful Cursing?

When I wrote my YA novel Girl Friends several years ago, I used my experience of working inthe Probation Service and in child protection / safeguarding to ensure thestoryline rang true. I also used a lot of the language used by many of thechildren and adults I had worked with. This again rang true, but a moreexperienced writer pointed out to me that too many swear words per line got abit boring for the reader. Also, although we all know children, especiallyteenagers, use bad language, many publishers of YA novels don’t like it. Theyhave the parents in mind as potential customers as much as the young peoplethemselves. So the final version of GirlFriends went out several hundred words shorter ...
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Beware Cheryl Jenner Accepting Book Review Requests

beware cheryl jenner
Beware Cheryl Jenner … and her emails. Who? She, if it is a she, sends out hundreds of emails just like his one with the header Accepting Book Review Requests: Hi, I hope you are well. I am a 23 year old student of English literature. I love reading new and exciting books. Right now […] The post Beware Cheryl Jenner Accepting Book Review Requests appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Quote of the Week – May 15

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” ~ Phil Donahue Original link

Release Blitz – Isaac Grisham

Today, I have author Isaac Grisham in the interview chair.  We’re talking about his latest release The King’s Fear, book two in The Brass Machine series. **** INTERVIEW   1. Hi, Isaac. First off, readers have an idea about the writer you, but what about the everyday you? Can you share about your personal life? … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

Stephen King: On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ is a useful read for anyone who writes – or would like to.  I grew up on Stephen King’s thrillers without really knowing anything about the man who wrote them.  I read ‘On Writing’ when it was first published but have written many books since then, so it was interesting to see if it was still as good. It was better.  The years have done nothing to diminish the power of the story telling that runs through this book.  There are also some great quotes that passed me by on the original reading (or perhaps slipped into my subconscious)  such as ‘the editor is always right’ and ‘2nd draft = 1st draft – 10%.’   It’s easy to see how King has drawn on his childhood experie...
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