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Accuracy Vs Authenticity: 5 Tips For Writing Immersive Historical Fiction | The Creative Penn

The trick is to understand the distinction between authenticity and accuracy. Yes – historical fiction readers want to be immersed into an authentic world. In other words, a world that feels accurate. Very often, this means creating a historically accurate depiction. But, when accuracy becomes alienating or confusing – or when it counterintuitively detracts from the feeling of authenticity – you’ll have no choice but to fictionalise the past. via Accuracy Vs Authenticity: 5 Tips For Writing Immersive Historical Fiction | The Creative Penn Original link

The Imposters of Badington Bay

I've a new short story on Amazon: The Imposters of Badington Bay


In May, my sister and I took a trip to Michigan. It was a lot of fun. We actually started in Chicago. I had never been there before and found it to be an interesting city. Lots of museums. Our next stop was Holland, MI for the tulip festival - beautiful flowers. The featured destination was to be Mackinac island. We had wanted to see it for years. We had a good time, but the weather was cold (in the 30s) and raining. The town was quaint and postcard picturesque. Our other stops included Frankenmuth and Dearborn. All-in-all a pleasant, easy vacation. Original link

Book release: The legend of Jake Howell by Charles A Reap Jnr. One of the world's richest and most admired men.

BIO & PERSONAL INFORMATION: Retired dentist. Published: Two textbooks, adjunct dental lecturer. Two novels, two e-books, plus an award-winning illustrated e-book for children. “” ( Former newspaper staff writer and columnist. Stage/screen actor/scriptwriter. BOOK SYNOPSIS: When he picked up that shiny stone from the small stream, nine-year-old Jake Howell would not have believed that it would trigger America's first gold rush and that he would become one of the world's richest and most admired men. Excerpt March, 1803 Jake and his dog, Frisky, had been out on the hunt for nearly four hours, but it had been a frustrating day for the stocky nine-year-old. Much hard...
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#OperationJulie – First Choice Actor For Undercover Cop Stephen Bentley?

irst choice actor for undercover cop Stephen Bentley
Just had super exciting news regarding #OperationJulie. Our first choice actor for undercover cop Stephen Bentley likes the script and we cannot wait to get this film started with such brilliant cast! #Wales — feeling excited They were the words that greeted me in my Facebook Newsfeed. It was a post from Worldmark Films with […] The post #OperationJulie – First Choice Actor For Undercover Cop Stephen Bentley? appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Cinniuint Fated (Fated Destiny)

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Blog Share. This month, our focus will be on fantasy. Today, we’re talking about Cinniuint Fated (Fated Destiny) a fantasy romance destined to leave one of the trio alone. Will a prophecy determine their fate? Cinniuint Fated (Fated Destiny) Spotify Play List Blurb Breandan Clooney lives the life of half leprechaun and half human. Whispers of the night he came into the world follow him wherever he might travel in beautiful Eire. After an incident where he is forced to kill or be killed and lose his pot of gold, he escapes the beautiful land he’s always known for a penal colony far off in space. Charani Borrell has always heard of the fate thrust upon her by...
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Protector of the Phoenix

Good morning and welcome to www.blogs. Today, we’re talking about Protector of the Phoenix where a young man has to decide between his family legacy and his own dreams. Trank wants to walk a different path… Spotify Blurb The Evans family has always been the Protector of the Phoenix. The heavy mantle has passed from father to oldest son for hundreds of years—until an accident in the breederies changes everything. Trank’s dreams are of Wizard Camp and teaching about his wonderful world to young wizards and witches around the world. He has plans, none of which include working at the family’s legacy. After an accident in two of the breederies, he finds himself with the heavy mantle of Protector ...
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I’d think you’re trying to seduce me

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here He stopped at the nearest grocery store to buy fresh strawberries. Their smell was arousing. It stopped him from thinking about Bull, Mr. Armstrong, and the cops. In place of these thoughts, he recalled the time he and his sweetheart had prepared dinner, just a few days ago. Their kiss had lasted no more than a minute, a lingering touch of his lips to hers, before he had eased away.  How Ash knew he would be coming home for breakfast he had no idea. He didn’t know it himself, until crossing the threshold. But there she was, setting two plates on the kitchen table.  The mouthwatering smell of strawberries started perme...
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I’m the Featured Author at Pages of the Past This Week!

Have a look at the interview in Trisha Fay’s delightful newsletter. Click here to read the PDF … and then make sure you subscribe to her newsletter yourself! Original link

Discussing mummy resurrection practices on the devil’s radio

One of the things that will never cease to surprise me about living in a small community, is the way in which news and (mostly) gossip travel fast. Maybe that’s the reason why you can’t get high-speed internet connections here: they are superfluous, as gossip travels faster than your average fiberoptic cable, and does not need servers of platforms except for the bench outside of the local bar, and the doctor’s waiting room. Ever since our father died, my brother and I have been the subject of much speculation and possibly more gossip. To give you an example, our uncle, that never visited us here in the countryside when our dad was still alive, after being at the funeral and coming to visit u...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Anxiety”

an old fashioned microphone.
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “Anxiety” “Don’t tell anyone.” “Your mic’s live.” I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019 #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Few of us have the time to search for the most useful websites for writers, so it's helpful that for the past six years, followers of The Write Life nominate the best 100, which are listed here:   The 2019 list is organised into ten categories: freelancing, inspiration, writing tools, blogging, creativity and craft, editing, podcasts, marketing and platform building, writing communities and publishing. All sites are listed in alphabetical order within these categories, with numbers for ease of reading (not ranking). Take a look and subscribe to your favourites. Do you have recommendations for other useful websites for writers you w...
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Failures – Part I

This blog was originally published November 27, 2017, on my Only for the Brave blog, which is being eliminated as I decided to merge the two blogs. Because failure is an important part of succeeding for writers, I felt it was … Continue reading → Original link Original author: Diana Stout


ABOUT THE BOOK Special Memory is a playful, feel good story that suggests using positive memories to help in times of stress and difficulties. Positive memories can then provide strength and remind us “good” times will happen again. Fiery five-year-old Emily is semi-cooperative when her mother announces the idea of making a Special Memory one summer morning. She doesn’t want to get used to getting up early for kindergarten. Despite herself, Emily finds dancing in the warm rain with her older sister and mother while wearing pajamas fun until the storm changes. Emily’s mother then pulls her daughters indoors and teaches them how special memories make a difference in our lives. Emily doesn’t th...
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Basic submission system

Original link

Weekend Reads: “Love Saves the Day”

Love Saves the Day
Hi, everyone. As you know from yesterday’s post, it was a tough day. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. As I thought about what book to share today, I knew I wanted it to be something that focused on a kitty … and then I realized just which book it should be. This precious story moved me to my core. Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper My rating: 5 of 5 stars Gwen Cooper’s “Love Saves the Day” is the story of Prudence, a little brown tabby cat who is rescued in a rain storm by Sarah. When Sarah passes away, Prudence goes to live with Laura (Sarah’s daughter) and her husband Josh … who don’t seem to really understand how to live with a cat. Of course, there’s more to the story than...
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The Lost Years of Billy Battles wins a Book Excellence Award

I am proud to announce that my book, The Lost Years of Billy Battles was just named a Book Excellence Award Winner in the Historical Fiction/Faction Category. Out of hundreds of books that were entered into the  Book Excellence Awards  competition, Lost Years was selected for its high-quality writing, design, and overall market appeal. To view my complete award listing, you can visit:!/The-Lost-Years-of-Billy-Battles-Faction/p/143373851/category=36034730 The book was released in 2018 as the third in the Finding Billy Battles trilogy, which tells the story of a mysterious man’s incredible 100-year-long life of adventure, peril, transgression, and r...
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Welcome to the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! Day 11 #RRBC #RWISA

Welcome to Day 11 of the #WatchRWISAWrite Showcase, where each day I will feature a different author. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce author Beem Weeks and his short story, DYING FOR A KISS. Beem Weeks Dying for a Kiss By Beem Weeks It’s like one of thosestories you’d read about in Ripley’sBelieve It or Not. I mean, who ever heard of anybody dying from a kiss?Seriously! But that’s what happened to me—well, except for the dying part. Twoweeks in the hospital—that’s the souvenir I brought back from myspring break. Okay,let me back up to the beginning. Myparents’ hushed words pierce the wall that separates their bedroom from mine.This particular conversation doesn’t warrant status as an ar...
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Apollo 11 trailer

Original link

Them's Fightin' Words!

Hey Everyone, Today's post is more in what I'm sure will be an ongoing diatribe about the anti-women movement in this country. I've got a few more thoughts to share on the subject, so get ready because I'm not pulling any punches. First, I'd just like to point out something that should be obvious about all the anti-women legislation being pushed by the Christian Taliban, right now. We do not allow government co-option of people's bodies for the benefit of others except in the case of pregnancy. A healthy adult donor can donate enough blood to potentially save the life of someone suffering from blood loss in a single donation. The blood they donate will be replaced in its entirety by their bo...
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