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Release Blitz - Love According To Liam (According to Liam #2)

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Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: 28 ‘no more doubt to declare!’

Gilly gulped. Iseult looks strained and shook her head slightly. Gilly spoke anyway.‘She is never coming back, dear friend.’Gilly paused.‘I know how much she meant to you but Inteachán is lost forever.’Iseult watched Mac, expecting him to crumple again like he did before. Gilly blushed, pained to have said such a thing to his closest friend. Mac smiled.‘Means to me,’ he replied. ‘Means to us. To the world.’Mac patted his friend on the knee.‘I doubted her once,’ he said. ‘I declared my doubt to the world and she still returned.’Mac turned to Iseult.‘I have no more doubt to declare!’Original link

Andy V. Roamer – Why Can’t Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza?

Today, I’m hosting author Andy V. Roamer and his latest release Why Can’t Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza? (book two in the Pizza Chronicles), a YA, m/m contemporary romance. **** Book Title: Why Can’t Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza? (The Pizza Chronicles #2) Author: Andy V. Roamer Publisher: Nine Star Press Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Release … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

Announcing an Upcoming Event - Show It Off Saturday Sponsored by Coffee Time Romance & More - June 13, 2020

Vivienne Diane NealOn June 13, 2020, Author Vivienne Diane Neal will appear on Coffee Time Romance & More Facebook Page and on Coffee Time Romance Exclusive Blog.Vivienne will be promoting her short story, Café Mocha. The character, Cinnamon Jones, decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. It is a romance short story with a universal appeal.The posts will go live at 9 AM EST on their Facebook Page and at 9.30 AM EST on their CoffeeTime Romance Blog.Please, mark your calendar and share this announcement with your friends and associates on social media sites. Thank you.Be safe and stay healthy.  One World Singles Blog StaffOriginal link


  Trapped in a metal tomb as they wait for their doom. Clarissa is the computer’s name, who seeks to destroy them with its game. THE DEAD GAME SERIES Book 3 released soon. … …Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

Terror bites my stomach

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here I’ve taken my eyes off of the child for a mere moment, and now—he’s gone! Either that, or he’s hiding. I run frantically through the yard, all around the perimeter, then in and out of the back gate in search of him. I bend down this way and that to check if his legs can be seen behind the bushes, if the Disneyland logo of his t-shirt peeks out, by any chance, between the branches. All the while, I keep calling his name at the top of my lungs. “Ready or not, Timmy, here I come!”At last, “Okay, you win, Timmy!” I scream. “Where are you?”There is this sinking feeling—not in my heart exactly but somewhere lower, in my gut...
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Accident or murder? The mysterious death of Leslie Howard

Leslie HowardLeslie Howard was a superstar actor of his day. The son of Jewish immigrants from Hungary he was born in London in 1893 and served during the First World War, he was mustered out of the army a few weeks before the Battle of the Somme began in 1916 as he was suffering from shell shock. It was actually his doctor who suggested acting as a therapy little knowing that Howard would go on to international fame, particularly for his roles in Pygmalion and Gone With The Wind. When the Second World War broke out the English actor gave up his lucrative Hollywood contract (including his share of the box-office takings for Gone With The Wind) and returned home to see what he could do to fur...
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Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: 27 ‘so lost and so alone’

‘We worried too,’ said Iseult. ‘You were so lost and so alone and nothing we could do would make a difference.’‘But that is exactly it,’ said Mac excitedly. ‘There was nothing that either of you could do other than be here when I finally managed to escape myself.’The candle flickered slightly, as if listening.‘Imagine what would have happened had I come back to find that there was no one left waiting for me?’Mac stood up.‘That is what we now need to do for Inteachán. Rather than trying to find her, we just need to be ready for when she finds her way back to us.’Original link

Historical Fiction Spotlight: A Single Thread, by Tracy Chevalier

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US1932. After the Great War took both her beloved brother and her fiancé, Violet Speedwell has become a "surplus woman," one of a generation doomed to a life of spinsterhood after the war killed so many young men. Yet Violet cannot reconcile herself to a life spent caring for her grieving, embittered mother. After countless meals of boiled eggs and dry toast, she saves enough to move out of her mother's place and into the town of Winchester, home to one of England's grandest cathedrals. There, Violet is drawn into a society of broderers--women who embroider kneelers for the Cathedral, carrying on a centuries-long tradition of bringing comfort to worshippers....
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Old Words For New Times.

Susie Dent is an English lexicographer and etymologist. She has appeared in “Dictionary Corner” on the Channel 4 game show Countdown every year since 1992.  She also regularly tweets about unusual words and here are a few she tweeted recently that may resonate with many people struggling to stay sane – and ALERT!!! – during a pandemic.Forwallowed: exhausted from tossing and turning.Forswunk: exhausted by work.Forwaked: exhausted by waking and watching.Forweeped: exhausted by crying.Forfeebled: just exhausted.In the same vein, here are a couple that I have picked out of my Collins dictionary.Forspent: tired out / exhausted.Forworn:  weary.For is from the Old English and is derived from the Ge...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Wanderlust”

Warning: These can be addictive.Original link

Stories of the Sahara – Sanmao

Stories of the Sahara by [Sanmao,, Mike Fu]
I don’t remember how I found this book, but I’m so glad I did. Having spent time in Mali and traveled to Tombouctou, I was enthralled by Sanmao’s life and adventures in Spanish Sahara.Read more about Sanmao here.Blurb:.Sanmao: author, adventurer, pioneer. Born in China in 1943, she moved from Chongqing to Taiwan, Spain to Germany, the Canary Islands to Central America, and, for several years in the 1970s, to the Sahara.Stories of the Sahara invites us into Sanmao’s extraordinary life in the desert: her experiences of love and loss, freedom and peril, all told with a voice as spirited as it is timeless.At a period when China was beginning to look beyond its borders, Sanmao fired the imaginati...
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Reana Malori – Lunchtime Chronicles

Today, I’m hosting USA Today bestselling author Reana Malori and her latest series release the Lunchtime Chronicles, an erotic contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Title:  The Nooner Series:  A Lunchtime Chronicles Novel #4 Author:  Reana Malori Genre:  Erotic Contemporary Romance Forbidden desire can be sexy. Blurb:  Joy was not frigid. … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

Pride Month & Speaking with Love in Our Hearts

Hi everyone.  I hope everyone out there is safe given the predicaments we have found ourselves in during this year.  A Pandemic and then mass riots/racial tension is not what I think any of us had in mind for 2020.I have to say how sad I am to see such division in America.  It makes me sick.  Seeing national monuments being trashed by rioters is hard to stomach. I never thought I would live to see our country be torn apart like this.  I know my ancestors probably said the same thing, and they made it through.  However, with the invention of instant technologies, I think we are at a disadvantage.  While the internet and social media are a force for good a lot of the times, it has also become ...
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#Free Review Copies! 14 #YA #Books for fans of Young Adult #Books #bookreviews #amreading

REVENGE, ROMANCE, AND A ROGUE FALLEN ANGEL...Forbidden First Love & Supernatural Secretsin award-winning Divine FallIf you enjoy YA, check out the Outstanding Young Adult Novels Review Event!  There are 14 books with free copies to offer in hopes of review.  My YA Paranormal Romance, Divine Fall, is one of the featured titles!Reviewers do need to have a Story Origin account, but this is free and easy...just link your review profiles from sites like Goodreads, Amazon, or Bookbub.  Then request any of the titles that look interesting to receive a free review copy!While "YA" refers to teen protagonists, there are many subgenres represented in the promo, including paranormal, romance, academy, f...
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The Murder Hobos – Episode 89 – Forever Family

The music followed Thia out to the balcony. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to celebrate Pan’s wedding to Eli. For now, though, everything overwhelmed her. All she wanted to do was breathe some of the cool night air and calm her mind.“So, Thia,” Jinnaari said from behind her, “how are things with you?”She laughed as she turned around. “Still up to your paladin mind tricks?”He shrugged, “What makes you think I ever stopped?” Moving closer, he sat down on one end of a stone bench. “We’re family, Thia. I know that face. Talk to me.”She sat down, facing the party. Pan danced with his husband in the center of the revelry. They looked beyond happy. “It’s over, isn’t it?” Her voice cracked a little....
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Another Diploma

I signed up for an entire series of writing courses (they were having a sale, what can I say?) and this one on adult learning styles and self-study was included as a freebie. Why not?Original link

Injuries, wounds and healing… information to aid your accuracy.

 This is far from my normal ‘Rambling’, but…After reading several books over the last few months I have realised the need for authors to portray far more realistic accounts of their victim’s injury and healing processes.Getting this wrong not only disrupts the believability flow of the story but often wrong-foots the reader’s perception regarding the course of the true timeline.How many times do we such inaccuracies represented in ‘blockbuster’ movies? One moment the protagonist is beaten to a pulp and cannot stand, the next he is running after the perpetrator of a crime with nothing more than a slight limp in his left leg… oh, now it’s his right leg… no left again.Of course, when our hero t...
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China Isn’t Letting a Pandemic Go to Waste

Today, ForeignCorrespondent is reposting a commentary by Victor Davis Hanson, historian, columnist, and professor. In this post, he demonstrates how China is taking advantage of the global pandemic to further undermine democracy in Hong Kong, bully its Asian neighbors, and thumb its nose at the United States. No more nice-guy façade.By VICTOR DAVIS HANSONGeorge Floyd was killed in Minneapolis last week when a police officer used brutally excessive force to arrest him. It was the latest in a string of high-profile cases nationwide in which citizens, most of them African Americans, died from reckless police force. Once again, protests over police brutality turned violent and rioting ensued.The...
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Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: 26 ‘no days left to endure’

Iseult smiled.‘I know what you mean, Gilly, but normal for every child now means living on the streets with or without their family and chipping away at a landmark all day with a broken chisel until it is time to collapse again like it was the day before and will be until there are no days left to endure.’Gilly nodded.Mac looked at his friends.‘I have made a life of doubting and disbelieving and my recent errors regarding these infernal beings have shaken me to my very core.’Mac looked worried.‘For a while there by the canal I feared that I was falling too far inside myself to ever make it back.’Original link