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Bayeux Cathedral

We managed to see the Bayeux Tapestry on our recent trip and found the experience incredibly moving. A pictorial description of events leading up to the Battle of Hastings, I would urge parents to show their kids this masterpiece of nearly 70 meters of cloth embroidered in wool and which is almost 1,000 years old! Today's fads and fashion will not endure as long, of that you can be sure. I wonder if computers and technology will be here in another 1,000 years; think about the detritus of obsolete computers and smartphones and where they will end up. Eventually the world will be a garbage dump and many species will become extinct. Seeing ancient works of art reminds us of the inevitability of...
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Release Blitz – Ana Newfolk

Today, I’m hosting author Ana Newfolk and her latest release Made in Manhattan.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter givaway. **** RETRO REVIEW TOUR Book Title: Made In Manhattan Author: Ana Newfolk Publisher: Self-Published Cover Artist: Rhys Athanasiadis-Lawrence, Ethereal Elain Release Date: January 15, 2019 Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance Trope/s: Second chance Heat Rating: 5 … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird


ABOUT THE BOOK As a former bodyguard, it should be easy for Gary Fenris to kill, especially when the motive is revenge. But Gary has made two mistakes in his life. The first was letting the woman he loved die on his watch. The second was thinking vengeance could bring him peace. 
Local bookstore owner and amateur lock pick Kate Rowan loves nothing more than a good mystery. Her curiosity soon leads her down a trail of blackmail, obsession and death. Despite the risk – or maybe because of it – Gary finds himself drawn to Kate. When danger strikes, Gary is forced to face the fact that he used love as an excuse for murder. And he's got one last score to settle. Book Details: Title: An Excuse Fo...
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Don Travis: Splendid Desolation (Part One of Four parts)

Don Travis: Splendid Desolation (Part One of Four parts) : blog post #336 Courtesy of Thank you for putting up with my personal grief last week. You... Original link

Exclusive Interview with author Sheri Langer, plus a look at contemporary romance, LOVE-LINES!

Hi, readers! I am pleased to announce a very special post today on ILRB. We’re doing something a little different. This is our tenth official author interview on this romance blog! I know in the past, we did character interviews … Continue reading → Original link

Mother’s Day Is All Year Long

The Mother’s Day tributes have been showing up on social media for over a month now.   On T.V., the commercials highlight ways you can spend money giving your mother the “perfect” gift, or taking her out to her favourite restaurant, … Continue reading → Original link

One Writing The One I Want series

Jet and I believe in True Love and Love at First Sight. We’re living proof such a thing exists. Jet has supported every endeavor I’ve attempted during our marriage, and this is true of my writing. He supported my decision to write, to publish, to self-publish and all that came with the same enthusiasm with which he supported my dream to become a doctor. It came with sacrifice because it took me away from him–time I needed to write and live in alternate worlds. But he loves me enough to find joy in watching me pursue my passions, as I do for him. We support each other. When he pitched a New series idea to me, I told him how wonderful it sounded, but what would make it easier for me to write w...
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Books about writing

I collect books about writing. I have at this point over 120 different titles on the subject, many in digital form, many in hard copy. Some of them are more useful than others, some of them are more entertaining than others, some of them I like better than others, each and everyone contains at least a little nugget of something that (I hope) helped me get better at the craft. I don’t think you can learn everything from a handbook, but maybe from a few dozens of them you’ll get enough tools to put together your own toolbox. This morning I learned about the Humble Book Bundle “Write like a Writer” , and I happily shelled out 80 eurocents for the basic tier of the offer. The basic level include...
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Splendid Desolation (Part One of Four parts) blog post #336 Courtesy of Thank you for putting up with my personal grief last week. Your indulgence helped me a great deal. This week, I’d like to get back to some fiction. The following is a short story in four parts, each installment a bit long for a post, but once again I ask you to stay with me. By the way, I return to the Eagle Bar on the Continental Divide for the first part of this story. You may recall that readers were introduced to the bear bar by BJ Vinson, the protagonist in my second book in the BJ Vinson mystery series, The Bisti Business. ***** SPLENDID ISOLATION I-40 West out of Albuquerque climbed to a bright blue sky for nine straigh...
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May is Short Story Month – #excerpt of THE SEARCH

It is a rainy May here in Texas. May is also Short Story Month so if you have to stay inside, check out some short stories this month. Short story month began back in 2007 to showcase books that could be read in one sitting. Now there isn’t an official number of words that constitutes a short story but the general consensus online is that a short story is between 1000 and 7,500 words. Hmmm…that makes my “short” story, The Search, which is a prequel to my The Elemental trilogy, not technically a “short” story. However, I call it a short story because 12,000 words is much less than my full length novels that have 80,000+ words. So in honor of Short Story Month, let me share with you an excerpt...
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Release Blitz – Redeemed

My inspiration for writing the Matawapit Family Series came from the many talks I had with my Dad, who attended two.  The purpose of these schools was to assimilate Canada’s First People into Western society.  The schools had a devastating impact on the aboriginal population.  The Matawapit Family Series touches on the intergenerational trauma the … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

Advanced Review Copies – Genuine Reviewers Apply Inside

Advanced Review Copies - Genuine Reviewers Apply Inside
No excuses for the title of the post – Advanced Review Copies – Genuine Reviewers Apply Inside – if you are after a free book and no intention of posting a review to Amazon and/or Goodreads, please leave now. There we are, I said it. If you are still reading I hope it means you […] The post Advanced Review Copies – Genuine Reviewers Apply Inside appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

#APC #Spotlight: Chicanery By Barbara Chioffi!

Hey Everyone!! :-) I've got Barbara Chioffi in my APC spotlight, today! Barbara is an active and supportive member of the   Authors-Professional Co-op  Facebook group and her mystery, thriller, suspense, horror short story collection, Chicanery, looks great! Here's the description: What finds you in the night? Chicanery is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of underhanded deceit and enough of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder. Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us. In these tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of comeuppance. Oh, and a good dose of helpful ...
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"Mystery, Intrigue, Heartache, #Romance, + Suspense...Had me up all night" New #Book #Review! #amreading

One fateful night tore them apart... will they get a second chance before a killer strikes? Not many things make me smile more than hearing a reader couldn't put my book down and stayed up late to keep reading...I love when I find a book that does that to me, even if I don't love how I feel in the morning!  But we readers know how amazing it is to fall into a story so hard we just have to know what happens next.  So when I hear that about my own books, I do a happy dance for my characters, because they are absolutely real to me, and I've managed to make them, and their fate, real to others. I'm linking the entire fabulous review from Sincerely Karen Jo here . A few of my favorite quotes: "Ka...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Mary-Sue”

Someone spinning the planet Earth like a basketball on their finger.
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “Mary/Gary-Sue” “I’ve got this.” Saves universe… again. I look forward to your responses. Feel free to have multiple, this challenge lends itself to them. Cheers, J. I. Rogers Original link

Original Ideas

I usually say originality is overestimated. I even write a series of articles in an Italian webzine that use that bit as a catchphrase. Being original is important, but you can’t copyright ideas – in the end what counts is not what ideas you rub together to spark a story, but how you use those sparks. What you do with the ideas, where you go with them, where you drag the reader and how. That’s what’s got to be original – the execution. I just posted an article – in the Nuts & Bolts series – on my Patreon about ideas and themes – where to find them, how to use them. I’ll have to expand that piece, but it’s a start. And what happens when you don’t have original ideas? You use what’s at hand. Y...
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Hyper-Modern First Editions

5-8-2019 9-14-19 AM
Hi, everyone. Every now and again, I google myself. It’s not just for vanity; it’s a way to see what’s out there in a variety of arenas. Today, I found a copy of the out-of-print, first edition/first version of Music, Mayhem & Bad Decisions on a resale site. In case you’re wondering, not one dime of that cost (should the book sell) will come my way. There is a big market in what’s called hyper-modern first editions. It’s entirely speculative, but some people do collect them on the assumption that they will increase in value. There’s an excellent article about the boom/bust of hypermoderns at this link . I don’t know whether to be flattered that this seller thinks I’m so collectible, or amuse...
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Capraia, by Land and Sea

This piece was originally published in the April 2014 issue of Dream of Italy. Legend says that when the goddess Venus emerged from the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea, she dropped her necklace, and those gemstones became the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Many visitors would declare Capraia to be the most stunning of these islands, with its dramatic cliffs, pristine waters, and wild, uninhabited interior. While the island is a popular summertime destination for Italians, it still has much to offer during all but perhaps the coldest winter months. I traveled to Capraia in mid-June, when the crowds had not yet peaked, but the weather was still warm enough to enjoy a refreshing dip in th...
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“Call me a science fiction writer, I’ll come to your house and I’ll nail your pet’s head to a coffee table. I’ll hit you so hard your ancestors will die. I’ll punch you so hard your grandmother will bleed. I’m a writer. There’s no adjective in front of it. I’m just a writer.” Harlan Ellison Original link

Do No Harm: If A Tree Falls by @robertikatz

S eamus Sullivan was a very large man with a crooked smile, gentle brown eyes and a short, tangled beard. He lived in a small house constructed of pre-fab logs that stood on a wooded plot just outside of town. For the area, it was a common enough looking house, with a brick chimney, double-paned windows and a wooden porch containing a wooden swing, two chairs and a bench. From the outside, the house appeared to be no more than eight-hundred square feet but it contained a very large, very well appointed basement, originally built by moonshiners to hide their product. The basement was the feature that had most appealed to Seamus Sullivan when he purchased it, fifteen years before. He had a lot...
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