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    Death marks the spot. You love me or not. A vampire I might be, I come on bended knee.   THE DEAD GAME SERIES by Susanne Leist  Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

It’s Diana Rigg’s Birthday!

Today is Dame Diana Rigg’s birthday.As Emma Peel in The Avengers she was most certainly my first TV crush.She was also born in the same year as my mother.Which makes this pretty messed up, in a way.But here she is… happy birthday. Original link

Guest Post by Cassandra Clark, Author of Murder at Whitby Abbey (An Abbess of Meaux Mystery)

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USDespatched to Whitby Abbey to barter for a Holy Relic, Hildegard of Meaux is plunged into a baffling murder investigation in this gripping medieval mystery. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT One of the questions people always ask at writer events is:  how do you get your ideas?  A better question would be, how do you choose one idea to run with when there are so many tripping you up?I’m often stuck for an answer.  Ideas bombard the mind at all hours, aggravatingly, often in the middle of the night.  May as well ask: why do we fall in love? Love settles where it wills.  And so do ideas.I was musing on this topic as I scrubbed the porridge pan this morning and my thoughts...
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RIP, John Lewis

Usually, I share a song on Mondays. I’ve been working my way through a little challenge series, and I would have been on #11. However, one of my heroes has passed away and I wanted to write about him. The problem is, I have yet to gather my thoughts into anything like coherence. I learned that Rep. John Lewis had passed away while I was driving home from visiting my mom in Oregon. I drove down the freeway bawling my eyes out. This man literally put his life on the line for equality. I lack his ministerial eloquence (I suspect most of us do). Here is a tiny snippet of who he was. Rest in power, brother John. Original link

Four Years Hence: Just One Book

I had the great pleasure of donating books to this project four years ago. It was amazing how the Just One Book project grew. Thank you, Margaret Garcia, for all that you did to make it happen. Throwing Chanclas Four years ago this summer, I spent countless hours inside a school library room that had previously hardly had any books and nothing up to date. I wrote a blog post titled Just. One. Book. Neil Gaiman retweeted it. Fellow writers in Binders on FB shared it and well–we went from maybe a hundred “books” to over 20,000 contemporary and new copies of classics in a summer. Our local post office saw more business than it had in years. People in the community came out to help open boxes an...
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Now distance learning is required…at least temporarily

New Information regarding Distance Learning – Harmony School of ...
Last week I wrote about having to choose between in-person and distance learning for my two children. Three days after my post, my school district made the decision to start the school year out with three weeks of distance learning. Now this is not the distance learning of the final quarter of last year – or so the district assures us. When we began staying home last time, the teachers had a week to scramble and set up distance learning. They had no clue what type of technology or internet access their students had and while the schools offered devices to those in need, many parents and students struggled with the technology and assignments. A typical week in the old way involved a project f...
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J.R. Loveless – Spell of the Werewolf

Today, I’m hosting author J.R. Loveless and her latest release Spell of the Werewolf, a gay paranormal romance. Book Title: Spell of the Werewolf Author: J.R. Loveless Publisher: Independently Published Cover Artist: Doelle Designs Release Date: May 29, 2020 Genre/s: Paranormal Gay Romance Trope/s: Enemies to Lovers Themes: Self-forgiveness, redemption, learning to accept the things … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

The Curse of Kwan Yin: Three Strangers (1946)

It’s pretty straightforward, in the end: you pitch me a noir movie featuring Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet, I will drop everything else and watch the hell out of it, and then probably do a post about it.Which is exactly what happened last night, when I spent one hour and a half with a bowl of dark chocolate ice cream and Jean Negulesco’s 1946 flick, Three Strangers.And what a bizarre movie it was! Set in London in 1938, the movie opens as a mysterious woman (Irish actress Geraldine Fitzgerald) basically picks up on the street two very different characters, a somewhat stuffy solicitor (Greenstreet) and a witty, cultured alcoholic (Lorre). According to a legend she proceeds to tell, on th...
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The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Acadia National Park by Brian

Even though many of us are remaining home during the Coronavirus crisis, you can still make travel plans and go camping when this pandemic is over. To learn how you can plan a memorable and safe camping event, check out Brian’s article by clicking here.   Original link

The child and I must survive, somehow, for at least that long.

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here Tied to the back of the chair by a rope that cuts into one shoulder, Timmy draws his knees to his chest and wraps his free arm around them. His face is awash with tears. Being shackled to the closet rod, I itch to put up fight, but if I do, Paul will retaliate—as he’s threatened to do—not only against me but against the child, too. So instead of resisting I pray, as fervently as I never did before, for someone out there to pay attention, to listen to the distress call I sent earlier. It should have gone not only to my boyfriend, Michael, who is on the airplane now, but also to the sheriff’s officer, Joe Miller, who is...
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    Red is the sun’s last ray as it sets for the day. Red is my vision as I watch you play. Red is the desire I feel for you each day. Red is your blood now flowing through… Continue reading → Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

Book review: Arcadia’s Children 3 : Pushley’s Escape is the third novel in the Arcadia’s Children series.

Arcadia’s Children 3 : Pushley’s Escape is the third novel in the Arcadia’s Children series.The other two are:- Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s RevengeArcadias’s Children 2 :The Fyfield Plantation.The main characters remain the same. Mick Tarmy, Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio.Ed Pushley is an archaeologist but his mind has been taken over by a spettro that Mick Tarmy dubbed as Irrelevant. (My name is Irrelevant, Mr Tarmy.)Irrelevant and Pushley are now one. Following Irrelevant’s death their minds have fused. Kept captive by Alton Mygael, Pushley frantically tries to find a means of escape.  Damaging his isolation helmet during a moment of frustration, Pushley realises that with perseverance ...
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Charade once again

Today it was an anomalous day – I slept late, I went to the supermarket at lunchtime, and when I got back I made myself some sandwiches and I re-watched for the umpteenth time Charade, the 1963 “mock Hitchcock” movie directed by Stanley Donen and starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Set in Paris and featuring a great support cast (including Walther Matthau, James Coburn and George Kennedy), the film is an unusual mix of crime thriller, screwball comedy and romance, and it should not work, but it does. Grant was apparently ill at ease at the idea of being the romantic lead wooing much younger Hepburn, but the script took care of that by portraying her as actively pursuing him. The film has...
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On Writing Well: Verbs of Attribution

When I taught journalism at the University of Illinois, I created a Journalist’s Handbook that I required my students to purchase. I collected and revised the information contained in the Journalist’s Handbook for almost four decades. Some of it dates back to my time as a journalism student at the University of Kansas. Some of it is information that I accumulated and consigned to a three-ring binder during a 27-year career as a reporter and editor for the Chicago Tribune. The binder accompanied me during my years as a foreign correspondent in Asia and Latin America and as a national correspondent covering the West Coast of the United States. I kept it close at hand when I was an editor. As t...
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Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bone (Tales from the Year Between Book 1) Edited by C. Vandyke

Available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon USas well as SmashwordsAt the crossroads between Mieville’s New Crobuzon and M.T. Anderson’s Viriconium, on the border of Dhalgrin and D&D, just to the left of Terry Pratchet’s Disk World and Mad Max’s Fury Road … lies Achten TanTales from the Year Between is a biannual anthology that brings together some of the most talented writers from around the globe to invent an original world from scratch, then explore that world through their writing. After a week of intensive world-building, each author sets out to expand their new, fabulous universe through short-stories, flash fiction, poems,  songs, and whatever other genres their boundless imagin...
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The Oppenheimer Alternative – Robert J. Sawyer

[The Oppenheimer Canadian Alternative Cover]
I’m currently reading Mr. Sawyer’s latest novel. Once again, his brilliance shines through as he weaves a fascinating tale of past events and speculates on the future. Could Earth really be destroyed by the sun in 2026? AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK go HERE to learn more. Sawyer writes: ” Magicians are reluctant to explain how a trick was done, and so I was loath to include an afterword in my novel The Oppenheimer Alternative that would immediately explain what parts of the story were real and which were imaginary. I wanted the book to sit with readers for a bit, as any other novel would, before delineating fact from fiction. But if you’ve come here, you’re clearly curious about that and so h...
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Drink Life to the Lees.

Drink life to the lees – the phrase comes from Ulysses, the poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It means to enjoy life to the full. It little profits than an idle king By this still hearth, among the barren crags, Match’d with an aged wife, I mete and dole Unequal laws unto a savage race, That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me. I cannot rest from travel, I will drink life to the lees.  … The elderly Ulysses is back in his kingdom after years of travel but is still restless. The poem is about adventure and experience; perseverance and endurance; disappointment and frustration; nostalgia and anticipation. He might be old (and a bit fed up), but he is still going to get as much out of life...
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RHAYNE – Forbidden Love

Today, I’m hosting author RHAYNE and her latest series release Forbidden Love, an African American contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Title: All I Ever Wanted Series: Forbidden Love Series Book 1 Author: RHAYNE Genre: African American Urban Fiction, Contemporary Romance Blurb:  McKenzie Taylor worked hard building his successful architecture business from … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

With every footfall, I tell myself that it’ll be all right

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here My pulse is hammering in my ears as I swing away from the car and take my first step across the road. There’s no reason why I should tiptoe my way back—after all, the so-called Dr. Patel is expecting me—but I do, out of fear. With every footfall, I tell myself that it’ll be all right. Nothing bad will happen to me. My boyfriend will watch over me. Even if I find myself in some kind of trouble, he’ll see it on his cellphone and call the police at once. Yes, it’ll be all right.As I pass under the lamppost, steps come rasping over the asphalt behind me. Here comes a tap on my shoulder. I turn around. Michael looks pale, ...
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More Monstress time

Today I took the afternoon off – the heat was insufferable, so I got me a big cup of ice cream and the first two Monstress collections (thank you, mysterious fan who had them delivered) and called it a day off. And I must say I am absolutely impressed by both the quality of the artwork and the depth and fun of the story. Beautiful.No better way to try and get some of my energies back.The ice cream helped, too. Original link

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