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Country fun...

....known as 'darting' here in the countryside. We keep ourselves amused. Photo copyright Ian C. Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

Sample Saturday: “His Beloved Infidel”

Hi, everyone. This week’s sample is from my inter-ethnic vintage romance, set in Paris during the time of the Islamic Revolution. Farukh was relieved to be back in Paris. Although the school was closed for two weeks, there were progress reports to write and paperwork to complete. Besides, he was worn out with the revolutionary zeal Dadash and the rest of Ayatollah’s men displayed — and even more exhausted at trying to fit in with them. Farukh pulled the papers out of his mail slot and went to his classroom. On top of the array of mimeographs was a small envelope addressed to him in an unfamiliar, but decidedly feminine, hand. He slit the envelope carefully with a letter opener and read Cathe...
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Novel elements: characters you want to spend a whole book with – Evelyn M. Hill

Romance readers are notoriously harder on the heroine than they are on the hero. A hero can be a complete jerk for 90% of the story, then grovel at the end and confess his True Love for the heroine — and he’ll get away with it. But the heroine has to be likable, or readers will complain. I had this struggle with Hope Rutherford, the heroine of my current WIP. Luckily, I had a breakthrough during my mini writing retreat last month and was able to put a perspective on her unpleasant behavior that makes her relatable. What do you think? Is it mandatory that you like a heroine, or is being agle to relate to her challenges what matters to you? via Novel elements: characters you want to spend a wh...
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Tropical diseases, Egyptian curses, colonial traditions and Sherlock Holmes

I skipped a post yesterday: first I was busy doing a supermarket run and stocking my freezer with ice cream as a defense against the heat (36°C and 74% humidity as I write this), and then I scrapped the Holmes story I have been working on these last two weeks and started it over. So I spent part of the afternoon and night of yesterday checking out books about Egyptian magic, and old Victorian books about tropical diseases. I have bored you enough in the past with the joys of doing research, but this morning I was caught up in a discussion in which the glorious results of a misspent youth finally paid off – as a small-fry politician came out with the idea that we Italians are morally superior...
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Welcome to the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! Day 6 #RRBC #RWISA

Welcome to Day 6 of the #WatchRWISAWrite Showcase, where each day I will feature a different author. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce author Linda Mims and her short story, SOLACE. Linda Mims Solace by Linda Mims Eighteen precocious kindergartners stared as Carly walkedinto the colorfully decorated classroom. Carly hoped her smile was more reassuringthan she felt. Was this a mistake? She spotted two six-year-olds who’dbeen in her charge on the first field trip she’d chaperoned. They gave her afriendly wave, and a true smile parted Carly’s pursed lips and lightened her heart. Ms. Jones, the principal, asked all of the children to filearound and shake hands with Carly, but some of them hug...
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True Crime Memoir Inspiration Behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Character – Book Trailers

true crime memoir inspiration behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop character
There was no plan in my mind when I wrote Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story to write any other books never mind crime fiction. However, it was the true crime memoir inspiration behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop character and the books in that series that followed. The real encouragement for me to carry […] The post True Crime Memoir Inspiration Behind the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Character – Book Trailers appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Book review: A Tapestry of Treason, by Anne O'Brien

Available for pre-order on Amazon UK and Amazon US 1399: Constance of York, Lady Despenser, proves herself more than a mere observer in the devious intrigues of her magnificently dysfunctional family, The House of York. A Tapestry of Treason begins with an attempt to foretell the future, and I found myself trying to recall what I knew of the actual events of the time. Although I know a great deal about King Henry V, I knew less about how his father claimed the throne - and little of the story of Constance of York, Countess Despenser. Anne O'Brien uses first-person narrative to take us deep within the troubling world of this amazing woman. It took me a little while to warm to Constance’s ofte...
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My First Short Audio Story…

Okay, here it is folks. My first full-scale attempt at doing an audio recording of one of the short stories from our anthology “The Vampyre Blogs – One Day At a Time”.  This particular tale features our vampyre Nathan, talking about Alaska and what it’s like to have shape-shifting powers. *NOTE: Do not click on this image, link to audio is provided further down* Please feel free to leave some comments below or at YouTube to let me know how I did. I’m hoping to fine tune my skills before trying for a full-scale audiobook version of the anthology and o ur full-length novels in the future. FYI, I’ll be putting together a rather lengthy blog entry in the near future (possibly complete with video...
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The Wise Grasshopper

Grasshopper, this bundled month, I made homemade apricot jam rather than spend time on edits. Editing my book is like a patriotic parade, with funereal slowness. A sad march. Characters are intimate friends. I’m sensitive to their needs. They want me to linger. But I’m going swimming. Plug in the fan, turn on the air. I’m crocheting a blanket. Reading a book with dreary characters. Local play rehearsals are my new diversion. Town had a historic bell-ringing celebration. Glad I could make it. There’s the woman’s group, the city meeting at Elks, and of course, church. Jittery dogs need a walk. Reruns on television. It doesn’t seem fair to repeat quiz shows, though my answers sound impressive. ...
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Making Of A Cover, Part Four

Art and Photoshop During my previous three Making of a Cover posts, I told of my adventures during the week leading up to the photo shoot. Designing the cover in Photoshop had actually started weeks before that. I had so many projects going in the design of this book! Before I had my model, I had created various working covers to choose from, along with a number of text fonts to try out. Layouts, backgrounds, foregrounds, ideas upon ideas. Well, just look at them all: Here’s an example of my first shared cover.One I made from silhouettes I really disliked these covers, but they were improving as I went along....
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Weekend Reads: “How High the Moon”

How High the Moon
How High the Moon by Karyn Parsons My rating: 5 of 5 stars I decided that I needed to read more “own voices” stories this year, which is the reason I picked up Karyn Parsons’ “How High the Moon.” Her coming of age story gives us a look at the Jim Crow era from the perspective of 11-year-old Ella. Ella lives in South Carolina with her grandparents and cousins. When her mother sends for her to come to Boston, where she works in the Naval Shipyards and sings in jazz clubs by night, Ella is thrilled. She hopes to learn more about her absent father, and also to live the kind of glamorous life she imagines her mother to have. It is through Ella’s eyes that we see the difference between laws in the...
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Laughter is the BEST Medicine

You don’t have to be around me long to know I love to laugh.  I have been told that I have a very distinct, and hearty laugh.  My husband has spent over forty years in the pursuit of trying to … Continue reading → Original link

Welcome to the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! Day 5 #RRBC #RWISA

Welcome to Day 5 of the #WatchRWISAWrite Showcase, where each day I will feature a different author. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce author Gwen Plano and her short story, THE ROSARY. Gwen Plano THE ROSARY By Gwen M. Plano Young or old, we are all children at heart. This truthbecame apparent to me last December when I had neurosurgery. Prior to the operation, a clerk handed me a stack ofdocuments to sign—billing forms for the hospital and the doctors and several medicalrelease forms that included a list of potential risks. My apprehension grew asI fingered through the papers and provided my signature. It was then that I wishedthat my mom could be with me. Like any child, I thought she c...
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Of Bubbles, Buddha and Butterflies by Dr. Tanya Beaubrun.

Write Now Literary   is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for Of Bubbles, Buddha and Butterflies by Dr. Tanya Beaubrun. The book tour will run July 8-19, 2019. Book a tour  here.              Genre: Non-Fiction ISBN-10: 1483497313 ISBN-13: 978-1483497310                       MEET DR.  TANYA BEAUBRUN As the creator of the Body Joy Process, Dr. Tanya Beaubrun empowers people with her simple, yet powerful message: Take exquisite care of yourself, respect the choices you make, and tune into healing from the inside out. Tanya’s passionate about bringing the heart and soul back into the practice of Medicine. A Family Physician specializing in Functional and Integrative Medicine, as we...
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Guest Interview with Gemma Hollman, Author of Royal Witches: From Joan of Navarre to Elizabeth Woodville

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US I'm pleased to welcome author and historian Gemma Hollman to The Writing Desk: Tell us about your latest book Until the mass hysteria of the seventeenth century, accusations of witchcraft in England were rare. However, in the fifteenth century four royal women, related in family and in court ties - Joan of Navarre, Eleanor Cobham, Jacquetta of Luxembourg and Elizabeth Woodville - were accused of practising witchcraft in order to kill or influence the king. Some of these women may have turned to the dark arts, but the purpose of the accusations was purely political. Despite their status, these women were vulnerable because of their gender as the men around...
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Do No Harm: Voice Sample by @audreyjcole

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here Take a listen: a passage from Viable Hostage by Audrey J. Cole, Included in our boxed set, Do No Harm Preorder it now: Do No Harm Kindle   ★   Nook   ★  Apple   ★  Kobo Original link

The Fourth of July

4th of July
  Lights in the night sky Colors float so high Raining in hues Red, white, and blue Victory is our day We have come here to play Music and marching bands We raise our clapping hands Celebrate the 4th of July Let the colorful lights fly high Original link Original author: Susanne Leist

A Suspenseful Page-Turner

A short & sweet review for  Coma Confidential : Diogenes 5.0 out of 5 stars A Suspenseful Page-Turner July 3, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition In 'Coma Confidential', author Uvi Poznansky has created a suspenseful page-turner. Part medical thriller and part action novel, she blends together psychological, political and relationship elements so well that you can't see the joins: the narrative flows smoothly. Recommended as a great beach read. Original link

14 Memorable Fourth of July Date Ideas

Originally posted on phicklephilly : It’s that time of the year again. For many of us, the Fourth of July is just another holiday to party hard, sleep in or lounge around at home. But this time around, it’s time you… Original link

Just let me write this blues away: 2000 words

I have just churned out 2000 words out of nowhere, in a single sitting. One hour. My hands hurt, I need a cool drink, but now here I have the first half of a short story that’s absolutely unwanted, and that will never find a home. It’s a free writing exercise, the sort of thing that happens when I say frell it all, let me just write! It’s also sort of a prequel of my novella Parabellum Serenade, that I’ll (hopefully) will self-publish this autumn. It’s a war story, set in an alternate timeline in which the Great War spun out of control as the Bolshevik Revolition spilled into the West, and the resulting mess of revolts and military coups intersected the great epidemic of Spanish Flu, and the...
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