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Fresh starts

Okay, folks, I did something big today. I asked for all the rights back to my books with Solstice Publishing. And I resigned my position as their COO. I’ve removed all links to my books for now. I’m seriously considering self-publishing at least a few titles by the end of the week. After that, it’s working to find a new publisher that will take previously published books. This wasn’t an easy choice for me. A lot went into the decision. My family, and my, well being must come first. I’ll be concentrating on finding a publisher who understands the fantasy genre. And job #2 has become job #1. That might help kick start my muse. Watch this space for updates. I may be adding a few short stories f...
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Mars at tea break: The Martian Obelisk by Linda Nagata

I have just had a cold tea break and read Linda Nagata’s short story The Martian Obelisk , that I have on my Kindle but you can read for free on the website. Highly recommended, a short story about hope – just what I needed today. Enjoy! Original link

Welcome to the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! Day 7 #RRBC #RWISA

Welcome to Day 7 of the #WatchRWISAWrite Showcase, where each day I will feature a different author. Today, it’s my pleasure today to introduce author Nonnie Jules and her poem, SILENT TEARS SILENT TEARS by Nonnie Jules I cry these silent tears for her For her loss, for her pain, for her heart Breaking when she looks into their eyes Her children – she feels their loss, their pain, their heartsbreaking. The memories – the hardest Yet, there’s no getting away from the reminders ofwhat used to be. There once was a HE HE sat, parented, loved, even laughed Yes, towards all ends there is laughter some say But his chair is empty now Just as their hearts Hollow as the tree he chose. He left it all t...
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A July filled with releases

Out Now: Whiskey lives for justice. Justice doles it out. In an attempt to live more openly, Whiskey takes a chance on a local club. He’s worked the neighborhood for fifteen years as a police detective, but never interacted much with the community. It doesn’t take long to discover he doesn’t fit in. Luckily, Justice swoops in and everything about Whiskey’s life changes. Meeting Whiskey wasn’t an accident. It was a calculated move on Justice’s part. Whiskey has been asking questions Justice needs him to stop asking. Months of watching Whiskey lets him know Whiskey can’t be bought. Not with money anyhow. Justice has other ways to keep Whiskey occupied, and he’s not oppo...
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Music Monday: “All You Need is Love”

I admit, I was struggling to figure out what song to share this week. I was unwell for much of the weekend, and not looking forward to the week ahead. Then, this came across my YouTube recommendations and I knew it was the right song. Here are Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, the late Joe Cocker, and Eric Clapton performing “All You Need is Love,” with a chorus of UK music notables, back in 2002. Original link

Thoughts from a hipster coffee shop…

I am re-posting a commentary from a young woman–a millennial–named Alyssa Ahlgren. Her views are certainly antithetical to most of her millennial comrades who have decided socialism is the path to the future. Take a look. She makes a lot of sense. By Alyssa Ahlgren I’m sitting in a small coffee shop near Nokomis trying to think of what to write about. I scroll through my newsfeed on my phone looking at the latest headlines of political candidates calling for policies to “fix” the so-called injustices of capitalism. I put my phone down and continue to look around. I see people talking freely, working on their MacBook’s, ordering food they get in an instant, seeing cars go by outside, and it d...
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Unfortunate names...

Please, no silly jokes. On a recent trip to France. Photo copyright  SvD. Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

One that got away: The Saint (2017)

Yesterday I found out a friend of mine is a long time fan of Simon Templar, both in the Leslie Charteris novels and the Roger Moor TV series from the ’60s. Something I’d have never suspected, knowing her. This led to this and that and I found out the aborted pilot movie for the planned reboot of the series, that was announced in 2012, is now available on Youtube, for less than four bucks – the price of a big serving of ice cream. So I served myself a big bowl of dark chocolate ice cream, and I sat down for 90 minutes to watch what might have been. For the uninitiated, Simon Templar, alias The Saint, is an international adventurer created in 1928 by British writer Leslie Charteris. A rogue an...
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Summer break when you are PTA president

Volunteering at my kids’ school keeps me busy during the school year. With summer here, you think I would get a break from the PTA. And you would be wrong. As president of the PTA, the work doesn’t stop when the school year does. School ends at the beginning of June, and it is never too early to start planning for the next school year. In fact, I met with the school principal three weeks ago to plan out the beginning of the school year activities. But before I can really focus on next school year, I had to wrap up this year. That means for one PTA, I had to get files uploaded onto our Google Drive so committee chairs can access those files next year. I won’t be back to this PTA so most of my...
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Book Blast: Dragon’s Revenge by C.J. Shane

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions . C.J. Shane will be awarding his original artwork - an ink drawing of Ocotillo on handmade paper in a wooden frame ready to hang with hooks and wire. Size of frame: 6 1/2" by 8 1/2" (U.S. ONLY), via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. When Tucson private detective and Iraq War vet Letty Valdez is hired to investigate a murder, she immediately finds herself targeted by a violent criminal. To find the killer, Letty turns to an old memoir of life in late 19th century Tucson. Clues in the memoir, with its tale of love between two immigrants - one, an Italian widow...
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heyimchandler  Deactivated Looking through Partition Arch in Arches National Park     From here I can see the wonderful sea. I step through the door. I stand at the shore. Sand at my bare feet. The sun shining heat. But the sun soon leaves, and the ocean heaves. Sharp hail hits my face. Men sprint in a race. They shout for me to move. I follow their quick groove. Time has come to a standstill. It’s time to leave this landfill. Original link Original author: Susanne Leist


      Raindrops on my mind. A feeling of cleanliness. How can we resist its pull? It draws us to the window. To watch its majestic descent. It washes away all dirt and impurities. Wash me. Make me fresh and new. Who can ask for anything more? Original link Original author: Susanne Leist


I've been wanting to lose weight for the last several years. I have started feeling the effects of carrying too many pounds. My back hurts and it's hard to do things like I used to. I've tied a couple of fad diets - just to see if I could do it. I don't know if it was because I wasn't serious enough or because the diet just didn't fit me, but they didn't work. I decided to try Nutrisystem. I wanted something that provided the meals so that I wouldn't have to do much else. That's not exactly how the plan works. You still have to supplement quite a lot, but at least the main part of most of the meals is set. I have just finished the first four weeks. It's working, but progress is slower than I...
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Spy in the sky – the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit in the Second World War

Today we have satellites travelling in orbit around the earth which can take incredibly detailed photographs of what is happening on the ground below, an invaluable aid to intelligence agencies everywhere. Surprisingly, Britain also had its own sophisticated ‘spy in the sky’ during the Second World War. Blue painted Spitfires armed with cameras instead of guns took tens of millions of aerial photos over enemy territory, ten million of which survive today and are stored in archives in Edinburgh. Spitfire mk11Danesfield House The centre for this reconnaissance was RAF Medmenham based at Danesfield House 60 miles west of London, a Base rivalling the code-breaking Bletchley Park in its secrecy; ...
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Feeling good and listening to music, any music

This morning one of my favorite singers messaged me on Instagram to thank me for presenting her first record as part of my series, The Earphones Diaries. It made me incredibly happy, and offered me an opportunity to exercise my French as I replied. It was also a signal that the Diaries are now standing on their own legs, and my posts are being amply circulated. I started the Diaries because I realized I was listening to a lot of records and felt like it would be fun to talk about the music I was listening. I thought someone might be interested in finding out something different, or comparing notes, or just having a good time. I always post Spotify links so everybody’ll be able to check out w...
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A Funeral for an Owl – Jane Davis

J D Favourite
Question: What is Jane Davis? Answer: A writer who weaves intricate plots with compelling, fully developed characters. I have now read five of her books. Each time I think, “Wow, this is the best yet.” Then I read another and think, “Wow, this is the best yet.” Question: What makes her books so riveting? Answer: Simply put, Jane is gifted. Not a single word is out of place whether she’s describing the setting, reaching into the characters’ soul, engaging her characters in dialogue…. The reader is never tempted to scan or skip portions. In fact, one is more likely to go back and re-read bits, whole chapters, or the whole book. Question: What does Jane write about? Answer: People. Ordinary peo...
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Hold the Front Page!

My first problem as a writer is coming up with a compelling opening paragraph. The harder I try, the more contrived it becomes. Very occasionally I succeed but, exhausted by the effort, the rest of the story just peters out. As a result I have some sympathy for the jobbing journos on local newspapers who week after week are expected to create not one, but several eye-catching stories even during a week where nothing much has happened on their patch at all. The magazine, The Oldie, has regularly printed examples of such non-stories in  their column Not Many Dead, and some years ago they compiled an  short anthology using the same title. Here are a few of my favourites from the section on loca...
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Short & sweet review  for  Coma Confidential : : Ellen Oceanside 4.0 out of 5 stars THE VOICES & DANGER ARE REAL TO HER June 26, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Ashley is in a coma, yet the voices are real, and She knows danger is also to finish what he started. Author gave a moving in-depth look from a person in a coma. Giving her a voice if only she could wake up and tell others. Original link


ABOUT THE BOOK An Amnesiac Merc on the run falls for a sorceress hiding deadly secrets. Rebecca was born to the Magi in a land where it means slavery or death. All her life she has hidden from the Shan's Proctors who control the enchained Magi. To keep her family safe from them, she will risk anything, tell any lie even trick an innocent man into a forbidden marriage. She never expected to fall in love. But it happened. Now she and Andre must defy the Proctors with nothing but his skill with a blade and her untried magic. Book Details: Title: Spell of The Magi Author: Gail Daley Genre: Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
 Series: Portal World Tales – Magi of  Rulari , book 1
 Published: self published,...
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Visiting #Montreal + Taking Our Own Ghost Tour! #Canada #travel #paranormal #vacation

According to the friendly bartender, most ghost sightings occur in the upstairs bar, which was closed that night.  But I snapped pictures to see if anything showed up! I love seeing new places, and as an author of ghost mysteries--and a life-long fan of all things paranormal--I often try to visit some local haunted sites.  Sometimes inspiration for a new book strikes, like when I visited the Old Jailhouse in Barnstable Village here on Cape Cod and came up with the plot for Haunted Souls .  A few weekends ago, my husband and I traveled to Montreal, Canada, for a wedding.  I'd never been, and it's a beautiful city!  Friday and Saturday were primarily taken up with wedding activities, but we ma...
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