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Adventure of the Dali Prince

A little Chinese music to start your weekend.Enjoy!Original link

Alpha Titles Book Challenge C

C is for Corgi!Here are my favorite "C" titles:Carolina Moon ~ Nora RobertsCrave ~ Cathy YardleyCarolina Home ~ Virginia KantraComfort & Joy ~ Kristin HannahClose Enough to Touch ~ Victoria DahlHave you read any of these books?Leave your favorites in the comments!❦  amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false";amzn_assoc_tracking_idOriginal link

Be Generous

Henry Be | UnsplashBeing generous means you’re prepared to share your resources, knowledge, and skills for the benefit of others. In fact, you’re prepared to give them away with no expectation of getting anything in return. Being generous is acting from the realisation we are in this project of life together and get a better outcome when we share and lend each other a helping hand. When you’re generous, you’re saying you think of the welfare of others.Original link

Happiness is...

...sharing when you love someone..Photo copyright SvD.Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

Historical Fiction Spotlight ~ The Judas Blade (Betsy Brand Mystery Book 2) by John Pilkington

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USLondon, 1671. The threat of war with Holland looms. And King Charles II is becoming increasingly unpopular.HER FATHER'S FREEDOM OR HER LIFE?Spirited actress Betsy Brand is pulled away from the stage to help her father. The bailiffs are threatening to put him in debtor’s prison. Desperate, she turns to enigmatic spymaster Lord Caradoc for help.He will save her father, but it may cost Betsy her life.A PERILOUS MISSIONBetsy must travel to Delft, Holland, to spy for her country.What starts out as a simple fact-finding mission soon becomes a deadly game. Betsy will need all her acting skills to come out of it alive.She meets Captain Mullin, a reckless fellow ag...
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Ginger Ring – The Genoa Mafia Series

Today, I’m hosting award-winning author Ginger Ring and her latest release the Genoa Mafia Series, a contemporary romance. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** The Genoa Mafia Series by Ginger Ring Genre: Mafia Romantic Suspense It’s about loyalty. It’s about blood. And it’s about power. When it comes to the mafia, there is … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

~~Interesting Assortment of Recipes~~

Excited to find a review from Hall of Fame reviewer Serenity for the multi-author cookbook, Virtually Yummy:Serenity...HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWER5.0 out of 5 stars ~~Interesting Assortment of Recipes~~Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2020Verified PurchaseThis book has recipes that were from families or obtained from travels around the world by 8 authors. I must admit that I love to cook and am always on the search for new ones. And, the ingredients must be readily available and more importantly the east of preparation is a must. I also prefere those recipes that have few ingredients.In this book, recipes are indeed varied and include some of the following: Berry Salsa, Micah's Heart...
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Five minutes in Ancient Egypt

… thanks to this beautiful animation.Enjoy!Original link

The Baltimore Gun Club

I am writing a story featuring the Baltimore Gun Club.In case you missed them, these were the gentlemen that had the bright idea of building a cannon in Florida (near Tampa, to be precise) and shoot a bullet to the Moon, in Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon and its sequel, Around the Moon.While everybody knows Melies silent movie based on Verne’s novels (and a lot fewer people remember the 1950s movie featuring Joseph Cotten), the books themselves are probably less known than, say 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea or Around the World in 80 Days.And yet, while less popular than captain Nemo or Phineas Fogg, the members of the Baltimore Gun Club are an interesting bunch.There’s the president...
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Weekend Reads: “Whisper of the Moon Moth”

Whisper of the Moon Moth by Lindsay Jayne AshfordMy rating: 5 of 5 stars“Whisper of the Moon Moth” begins with a young woman in India, carrying a baby, being abandoned by her new husband as she boards a ship. Needless to say, this sets the tone for the novel.When next we see this baby, she’s 18 years old. Estelle Thompson loves nothing so much as dancing or going to the movies, and nurses secret dreams of becoming a film star. Mostly, though, she worries that people will discover that she is of mixed English and Indian heritage; there are anti-miscegenation laws and simple prejudice to boot.Through a variety of circumstances, Estelle winds up in England with a letter of introduction for a sc...
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Be Collaborative

Henry Be | UnsplashBeing collaborative is how you signal you’re a team player, whether that team is a work team, a family, or a partnership. It’s about pitching in to help, lending a hand, or joining in a group effort to get something done.  We are social beings, and working together builds cohesion and a sense of belonging.Original link

Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: 13 ‘the ultimate reality television show’

The city continued to be pulled apart and as it was so the significance of records and metrics came once more to the fore.It wouldn’t be a genocide without the concomitant cataloguing and noting and so the task fell to an army of hastily-appointed trustees with a civil service background to collect the last will and testament of every citizen.Like the ultimate reality television show, everybody began to be forced at gunpoint to leave a record on video of who they once were.Once their message was recorded, they were herded back to whichever landmark they had been assigned to destroy and the process continued.Original link

Adrienne Wilder – Sicarii

Today, I’m hosting author Adrienne Wilder and her latest series release Sicarii, a m/m romantic suspense.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Book Title: Sicarii (3 book series) Author: Adrienne Wilder Publisher: Self-published Cover Artist: Adrienne Wilder Release Date: April 28, 2020 Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romantic suspense Heat Rating: 4 flames Length three … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird


ABOUT THE BOOKCass Donovan is reminded that you can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes from the dead . . .When stories begin circulating of a centuries-old ghost haunting the Bay Island lighthouse, Cass is caught up in mystical happenings of her own, with countless voices from the beyond all clamoring for her attention with dire warnings. But before she has a chance to learn whether there’s a connection between the rumored ghost and her restless visitors, the lighthouse keeper mysteriously falls to his death, and Cass’s reputation for communing with the dead lands her right in the middle of the police investigation.Cass knows the victim was no saint, as he made little ef...
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  I go undercover with Todd & his men at The Club, the members-only club at Disney World. Is The Club a den for vampires? Can I trust a hybrid to save our town? PREY FOR THE DEAD by Susanne… Continue reading →Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

We're Almost There-30 More ideas

Don’t Give Up!Here’s Some More ideas to help keep you busy while at home.(I tried something like this one.)1.       Play cards. Rummy, poker or 52 pickup? 2.       Paint a rock for gifts or paper weights.3.       Have a balloon fight on the patio4.       How about a family barbecue?5.       Make chocolate or vanilla shakes6.       Decoupage might be fun-no Mod Podge? Use Elmer’s glue.7.       Quilting with scraps8.       Chalk drawings on the sidewalk9.       Make lemonade or iced tea in different flavors10.   Read an ebook (I can suggest several good ones!)11.   Write a book review on Amazon12.   Cut your bangs? Maybe not.13.   Color your own hair? 14.   Tell ghost stories15.   Take a fanci...
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A podcast for your consideration

I have just discovered a wonderful audio-drama podcast that offers beautifully produced horror and darkly grotesque stories written by a choice of fine authors.Their latest program, for instance, is a cruelly funny story by Kim Newman.The show is called Tales from Beyond the Pale, and it is highly recommended.Check it out.Original link

Complaints, Fight Songs, and Daily Technology

The Ace of Notebooks Tarot Card copyright 2015 by Michael D. Smith
I wrote this piece of satire after perusing some older journals, but to my dismay I realized that if I’d actually run across this passage in a previous journal I might have thought it was a real entry. It’s bugged me for years that a subset of journal entries begin with complaints that my consciousness has been dim, then morph into fight songs urging me to rise above the squalor. Sometimes I was warming myself up to a day’s writing session, but in any case the final result is just a fluffy bunch of words taking up journal bandwidth. So with a certain amused shudder I present this self-satire. Maybe there’s a novel character in here somewhere.I think I’m now strong enough to finally acknowled...
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Setting – Authors’ perspectives and techniques | A Writer of History

Research: Jane Johnson’s approach to research: I need to immerse myself in the research – each novel usually requires a year of research – before I write the book. It’s partly a matter of confidence – knowing what I’m talking about! – partly the need to feed the compost heap from which the story emerges. All those facts, all that information needs to be piled up and then to mulch down to a rich material that will allow the story to grow straight and true (or twisted and strange!) but with its own integrity and power. I don’t want to have to fact-check three times in every sentence, or even every page: it breaks up the flow. I always go back to primary sources first, since I’ve learned only t...
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Be Considerate

Henry Be | UnsplashOne sure way to upset people is to do something that affects them without consulting them first. If you’d like people to show you some respect, the solution is to respect their feelings first. Being considerate means thinking about the impact your actions may have on others and communicating with them before you act. If you’re in a personal or professional relationship, being considerate is how you show the significant others in your life they are important to you.Original link