Friendship is a kind of relationship. Two people are hanging out, sharing secrets, and keep each other’s back. Their characters are various and they raised in different surroundings. Yet, they complete each other and enjoy spending time together.

Friendship breaks like a relationship. People split, they separate, and the result is, they don’t talk anymore. Sometimes, they don’t greet each other in the street. They start gossip with each other and it is possible that former friendship turns into an enemy zone. 

Now, why this happened?

Not that we hate our friends overnight. It is not we pretended liking and affection. 

This is something else.

Where do you mistake?

I will help you with this.

Did you agree with your friend every time?

Did you clap your hands on everything he did?

Did you support his every action, even you disagreed with this?

Did you let him choose your other friends and your priorities?

See, here you made a mistake. Even you are a loyal friend, never be somebody’s pawn or copy. You must keep your attitude.

Celia and Laura were friends in childhood. They shared mutual dreams and preferences.  After they became mature women, their priorities changed. Celia got married and gave birth. Laura focused on her career. When circumstances changed, Laura wanted to have support from her friend. Celia did not have time, and she contacted Laura rarely. They did not argue before, but now the silence was an unpleasant sign that something is wrong. When Laura said, you are ignoring me, Celia used an aggressive approach. She said children are in the first place, and she has no time for an old friend. Laura realized they were friends in one stage, but their friendship did not survive maturity. She was not important to her anymore.

Don’t let your friend treat you like a doormat just because you are loyal to him. Loyalty is not a service, neither you are somebody’s punching bag. 

That is why conflicts are a healthy part of every friendship. If you don’t swallow your feelings, if you open to say what is bothering you, your friendship has a bigger chance to survive. Tell it in time and in the beginning. Don’t wait for years to say what is in your soul. If your friend got used to that everything is all right, this is not a healthy relationship. You must say from time to time, this is not right. You are not doing good. You are foolish. 

The strongest friendship has roots in conflicts, competition, making your hands dirty. You are a mature person with your attitude, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t like your friend. You are just not living in another’s ass. 

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Original author: Kristina Gallo