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Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet Sunday ... it was about time she met her nearest neighbour

Hello lovely snippeteers!

I'm continuing snippets from the draft of my current 'work in progress' a fantasy novel 'The Matchmaker's Mare' which takes place in Wales. The  story is told from three p.o.vs. and two time-lines. Today's excerpt is  still Megan's p.o.v. and is a few paragraphs on from the last one She has just inherited Ty Gwyn cottage from her uncle, and has started a a new job as a veterinary receptionist, a marked change to her previous job as an administator for a firm of London Estate Agents. (This is only a rough draft to give the gist of the novel, and is subject to change and edits!)

Don't forget to visit the other authors at the link below the excerpt, there's something for all tastes.

Megan paid several visits to the village shop and speaking to the chatty shopkeeper, got to know about some of the locals. Her nearest neighbour, apparently, was a Mr Phillips, a horse breeder and dealer, who had bought the nearby Hafod farm about three years previously and lived there with his young son. She passed Hafod Farm her way into the village and had noticed several horses grazing in the well-kept paddocks, so it was interesting to know who owned the place

Catrin, and Bethan, who also helped out on the reception desk, were happy to show her the ropes.There was a special area in the small dispensary where prescriptions were stored as soon as they were filled, ready for collection. As she sorted the various prescriptions one lunchtime, she noticed there was a packet of anti-inflammatory analgesic powders, with the name  
Glyn Phillips, Hafod Farm, printed on it.

 “I drive past the farm on my way home, why don’t I just deliver this myself?” she suggested to Mair.

“Well I was going to suggest you phone him and tell him it’s ready, so he can come in to collect it himself, but if you’re going that way you might as well just drop it off, if it’s no trouble like.”

“No, of course not, as I said, I have to go past the farm.”  
She’d been living at Ty Gwyn for six weeks now, it was about time she met her closest neighbour.

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