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Watching a bee hop around is great therapy

My lifestyle is pretty frenetic running here and there, fielding calls from clients, sorting out problems with Notaires and agents, rushing off on viewings, plus I have a home life too. Dogs, a partner, a house to maintain. I do feel at times that my head is literally spinning. Sometimes shutting out the noise in one's head necessitates switching off 'phones, retreating to the garden where I have planted buddleia, a fragrant flower beloved by bees. This morning I found a good 15 minutes to just stare at the bees as they made their way around the plant hungrily feeding off each flower. What joy! Simple stuff makes me happy. 

Always remember, happiness is in your head. I met a client last week who is depressed, suffers with insomnia and is on anti depressants. I asked him why he was so miserable when he seemingly has it all. I suggested to him that he begin each day by smiling and giving thanks. This week I ran into him and he seems much better. Sometimes we revel in being miserable because it gives us something to do. Of course people will start saying I am deriding mental illness. Not so. But I do believe that if you want to be happy, you can be because…... it's all in your head.

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