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Virtually Undetectable: a gripping suspense novel

I'm thrilled to present the new multi-author series High-Tech Crime Solvers, and the new volume in it, written by Libby Fischer Hellmann... 

From critically acclaimed bestselling crime writer, Libby Fischer Hellmann, comes a gripping techno-thriller, part of a multi-author series tied together by an interlocking cast of characters, all centered around the fantastic new promise of high technology and the endless possibilities for crime that technology offers, in a world where getting away with murder can be not only plausible, but easy…if you just know how.

Trawling through the lawless corners of the dark internet is the last thing respectable bank manager, Rachel Foreman, expected to be doing. But she’s just been fired after falling for a cyber-scam, resulting in the identity-theft and online targeting of a female Fortune 500 CEO, accused, among other things, of the murder of a disgruntled former employee. Lucky for Rachel, her mother is renowned investigator Ellie Foreman. In an effort to find out who’s targeting the CEO and to salvage what’s left of Rachel’s reputation, both mother and daughter trail shadowy hackers and ruthless cyber-criminals through an increasingly dangerous web of deception. 

★★★★★ "Libby Hellmann’s prose is powerful. Every part of her yarns are methodically researched, taut, twist-filled and colorful with well-developed supporting characters."

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Virtually Undetectable
(Volume VII of High-Tech Crime Solvers)
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Fired Bank Manager Rachel Foreman and her mother, renowned investigator Ellie Foreman, track through the lawless  corners of the web to find out who is targeting the female CEO of a Fortune 500 company who is accused of murdering a disgruntled former employee.

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