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Trilogy is complete!

We are thrilled to announce the “What She Knew” trilogy is complete! Yippee!

After so many years of working on our labor of love, we have completed our final novel in the trilogy, “Brightest Dawn” and they are now all available for your reading enjoyment.  Book one is “Fateful Night” and the second book is “Darkest Day”.


Fun things are happening for us! We’ve been invited to a book festival, we’re going to have speaking engagements and we’re doing a few interviews.  We’ve finished a couple of podcasts, which are in editing, and will be released soon.

They are all available in eBook or print form.  We are working on recording them in audio but that will be a few miles down the road yet.

We also have a new Facebook page

Please check out our website for all of the latest greatest happenings as well as dates and times What She Knew website

Stay tuned for all the exciting updates and events! We’re working on a series right now for TV.





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