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The Player Without Luck - my new thriller

During the lockdown, I wrote a thriller. My emotions were mixed up, and I decided to use my free time for writing. 

The Player Without Luck is a story about addiction, remorse, and revenge, all in one. 
What would you do if someone would try to destroy your life?

How would you protect your job, spouse, and reputation?

Silvija is a fatal woman. She is not an example of moral, but she has her principles. Many bad guys are around her, she entered in a criminal circle. The only bright spot in her life is Alen, her devoted husband, but she doesn't appreciate him enough.

Circumstances will show, what is real, and what is fake? 
Would you choose a dangerous passion or stable family life?

Do you afraid of risk, or you wish to gamble with your destiny?

Who is the player without luck?

You can find my book in Amazon in this link:

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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