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The End of the World is at Hand! Or Not…

Som170809-ryan-apocolypse-now-tease_avkdhle people are actually panicking about September 23, 2017 as being the “End of the World.”

Despite the uproar the end of the world are nothing new and have been going of for centuries.




The Hindus believe that the end of the world is merely part of the eternal cycle of creation, sustenance and death/destruction. When one world ends another will be created in its place. This may be why in the east few people are concerned about the end of time since they believe it is only part of the cycle of eternity.

The RCousin Marcooman Emperor Caligula was a mentally unbalanced 24 year old with the power of life and death over everyone in the Roman Empire.

He once remarked during the beheading of one of his alleged enemies, “I wish all Rome had just one neck!”

Needless to say for many in the Empire, the end of the world for them depended on what type of mood Caligula was in that day.



Norse mythology actually has an end of the world “myth.” In that scenario the evilarticle-2562584-1B9F7EA800000578-607_634x424 Frost Giants escape from their frozen prison to attack Valhalla, the very home of the Norse gods themselves.

Despite a valiant battle the world ends and the gods go down fighting. Sounds like so many super hero movies that have come out in recent years. Very Viking, but so far no sightings of Frost Giants have been reported. “Phew!”




In taliens-on-filmhe 1930s Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” broadcast led many to believe an invasion from the planet Mars was the end of the world and it wasn’t.

Although it did launch Orson Welles’ career into warp drive!



p26We all remember the hysteria about December 21, 2012 fulfilling the alleged prediction by the Ancient Mayans as being the end of the world.

This fear was the result of people uniformed about the Mayan Calendar which was based on a 5,000 year cycle. December 21, 2012 was the roll over to a new cycle. Not unlike your car’s odometer rolling over. It doesn’t mean the end or your car–much less the world.

The cure for fear is knowledge, facing the facts and a good sense of humor. Speaking of which, Cheech and Chong may have said it best:

“The world’s gonna end but I don’t even care! As long as I get to keep my limo and my orange hair!”







See you on September 24th!

Mark Anthony



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Thankfully, the cloud of smoke was thinning out

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