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The End is the Beginning

The news is rife with tragedy all over the world, suffering indeed is universal. I've had a terrible week but as always, the universe sent me a message.

I saw a rainbow on my morning walk today and both ends of the arc. I saw where the rainbow began and where it ended. The metaphor for my traumatic week was an exquisite reminder that I shouldn't regret any chance for happiness which is inevitably ephemeral.

I also found this hare killed by a fox. Hares are nocturnal and it is rare for a fox to catch them (as they can usually outrun their predators). By the time I found him (an adult male weighing 9.7 pounds) he could only have been dead for a couple of hours.  Not a scratch on his body apart from some blood on one haunch. How perverse of the fox to kill for fun!

A rainbow, symbol of hope and awe.
A beautiful creature wasted.

Photos copyright SvD.


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

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