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On Progress

The soul of the modern world is torn in two. We have progressed unimaginably far but learned embarrassingly little. This has been the reality for many decades, regardless of whether our societies have realized it or not. The crossroads we are at are painfully obvious, though, and we are seeing a worldwide stir as a result of it. People are afraid. They throw their support behind a new ideology seemingly every day when yesterday’s ideas inevitably fail. They enjoy the fruits of modernity while desperately attempting to reconnect with their ancient history. They fret over the future while totally ignoring the present. They pretend to be experts in everything while crying inside from crushing c...
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Motive Leads to Truth

 Attract the Right Job or ClienteleOver time, I realized that detective shows provide an excellent training ground for sales. Investigators work relentlessly to discover the motive behind each crime in question. Slowly but surely a replay of events leading up to the questionable circumstance takes place and is examined from multiple angles. As they begin to question events leading up to the catastrophe, all of the people connected to the presumed murderer are interviewed.My StoryI find that successful sales calls and job interviews follow a very similar process. We need to find the motive for having the meeting. A problem exists, otherwise, the meeting would not be held. The other party may ...
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Getting even more personal with Paul Flewitt

For those of you that don’t know Paul Flewitt you are missing out on a great friend and an awesome writer.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always ready to help out his fellow writer friends. He is very passionate about his writing and is always glad to spend some time with a fan talking about his books. If you are looking for a good story I highly recommend anything he writes. Please help me welcome Paul Flewitt back to Roadie Notes…….1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release?I have nothing new in print at the moment. I’ve spent the last couple of years concentrating on shorter work for anthologies, honing my craft and really trying to t...
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