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Book Launch Spotlight: The Shadow Queen, by Anne O'Brien

 New on Amazon UK and Amazon USand Goodreads  The Shadow Queen tells the story of Joan of Kent, a tale of treachery, power-hungry families and legal subterfuges, in which Joan, a woman of considerable charm and beauty, played a central role at the Plantagenet Court. ‘What would enhance the pattern of my life further? One word slid into my  mind. A seductive word. A dangerous word, perhaps, for a woman. Power.’  From her first clandestine marriage Joan of Kent’s reputation was one of scandal and rumour. Her royal blood made her a desirable bride, but her ambition and passion could become a threat to the stability of the Plantagenet dynasty.Joan knew what she must do to survive, the political ...
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Writing Tip — 63

Keeping notes for your story is important. A list of the characters that appear, and how they are related to the protagonist and antagonist will help keep you from getting confused as the story progresses. If you have a lot of minor characters, these notes are important. The information in these notes can contain a few important details, or you can write up a complete dossier for each one. Remember, keep the back story of the characters to a minimum in your story. If something doesn’t relate to the plot or why a character acts a certain way in a certain situation, don’t add it to the story.Notes on locations, any special technology, or weapons will help to keep things factual. There are read...
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Getting even more personal with Matt Hickman

It is no secret that I think Matt Hickman is an amazing writer. His book Amnesia was my number one book last year and for good reasons. If you haven’t read it you are really missing an awesome story. From his stories in anthologies to his writing with other authors one thing is certain he has wicked talent. I’m telling you he is one to watch. Not only is he a writer but he is a great friend and an incredible dad. His pictures with his kids always make me smile and bring back fond childhood memories. If you haven’t met him you need to do so right now. Please welcome Matt Hickman back again to Roadie Notes…… 1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release...
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