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Review Me Part 2

I wish and hope that this year has started in a grand style for you and that will carry on like that all the way through and even further! No reason for me to complain, because I continue to get your reviews and that means you are reading my book A World Without Color, which is the greatest reward and a gift to any writer! When I read books before I didn't realize how important reviews are. Even if it is just one sentence. As long as they are honest and you speak from the heart. With your review you recommend the book you loved and enjoyed reading and you also help bring more readers through the complicated Amazon algorithm. Putting it simply, the more books you buy, the more reviews you wri...
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© A few honest reviews you gave to my book A World Without Color at the beginning of this and during the last year.

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Review Me

I don't want to prejudge it, but there is a great chance—and hope!—that you've read A World Without Color, my first book I published this summer in English. And if you read it as an e-book or paperback, there is even greater hope you liked it! At least this is what I like to think, haha! But did you share your thoughts about it with someone? There is a simple way for everyone to hear what you think of my true story of the last three days I spent with my cat. For that you need an Amazon or Goodreadsaccount through which you can post your review that can range from a simple sentence to a small article, depending on how impressed you are and motivated to test your own writing skills! Why are re...
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