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Marcel and Oswald

The original idea for writing this post was to say thanks and reflect with a few figures on the launch and the journey of my book  A World Without Color  in 2017. That I will do as planned, but first I must let you know about something that happened on the last day of 2017. With deep regret and sadness in my heart I have to tell you that Oswald, the beautiful cat from the cover of my book, has passed away. I learned that in the early afternoon hours of December 31st, 2017 and spilled many tears that day. Zach Singh, a New York-based photographer, and his cat Oswald brought the story of my beloved cat Marcel to life. Marcel had passed away on April 19, 2006 and left me heartbroken. Last year ...
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© The launch and the journey of my book A World Without Color in 2017 and sad news about Oswald's death.

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