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Cover and Blurb Reveal

I am happy and honored to present you my new book cover and blurb! As it was the case with the awarded cover of my previous book A World Without Color, Mario Kožar from MKM Media is the creator of the cover for my YA novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow. I think he did an amazing job with this one too! Thank you all who provided your valuable comments. Indie author Jonathan Hill, backed up by the entire team of my readers and fans, helped me with my blurb. Thank you for your suggestions and dedication, my friends! Many of you breathed a piece of yourselves into this book so it could start a new life. I love you all for that! I hope and wish my old and new readers will enjoy Look for Me Unde...
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A Thriller-Like Poll

By a heartbeat my book A World Without Color ended up first on the novella of the week poll today in a super exciting photo finish in the last minute! A piece of my heart goes to everyone who voted for my book in the past few days. My respect and gratitude to you all! My respect also goes to the other two books and authors, especially to Andie J Fessey who walked arm to arm with me all along the way and deserved the victory too. The Twitter poll was organized by Book Recommendations & Promotions and I thank them for considering A World Without Color as one of the contestant for their novella of the week. Please follow them on Twitter at @UkBookrecom. I would also like to ask you to give ...
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© By a heartbeat my book A World Without Color ended up first on the novella of the week poll today in a super exciting photo finish in the last minute!

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Your Last Votes For This Year

December 10 is so near, almost here, and with it your last chance to votefor your book of the year. If you like my novella, A World Without Colortrue story of the last three days with my cat Marcel, give it your vote of confidence and improve its rating! Just follow these simple steps: by clicking here in the TCK Publishing 2017 Readers Choice Awards contest go to page 6/16 to the category Memoir and cast your vote for A World Without Color. Since it is rather simple and doesn't require email registration, you can also invite your friends to do the same! Thanks! A World Without Color is also a great gift for everyone who has / had a cat or any other companion animal or for everyone who has e...
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