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Growing Your Online Footprint as an Author

steinchen on Pixabay Part of establishing your brand as an author is broadening your internet footprint.  This helps to ensure that if someone is looking for you, perhaps because they're considering buying your book on Amazon, you're easy to find.  I have a fairly common name, but if someone does a Google search using the terms "Ashley Peterson mental health", I want the majority of the hits that come up to be related to me, since my book is about mental health.  A website/blog is one good way to establish a presence, but to really take charge of your personal brand, you need to get around a bit.  This is especially true if the words in your blog name are fairly generic, as is the case with ...
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2019 Digital Marketing Strategies

What will be the most effective digital marketing strategies in 2019?   You will be competing in an overcrowded environment in 2019. The first thing to mention regarding digital marketing strategy in 2019 is that you will be competing in an overcrowded, noisy environment. 1.3 billion websites are competing for visitors and the number of indexed pages on Google exceeded 130 trillion. You have to gain attention of the users who see hundreds of marketing messages per day. Users are overwhelmed by high number of messages they see every day. According to a report published on the American Marketing Association (AMA) website, an average consumer sees 10,000 marketing messages (including product la...
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Finding balance between promotion and pestering

I'm brand new to the book publishing game.  I've managed to figure things out as I go along, and released my first book last week.  So now comes the promotion side of things, which I feel a lot less confident about. I've never worked in sales.  I've always thought that I would be pretty useless at any sort of job that involved marketing, because I think I'd worry that I was bothering people.  Yet now I've got this newly released book that I'm really proud of, so how to make sure that it gets in front of people without becoming a pain in the butt?  I also need to consider that my target audience is very specific.  My book is non-fiction aimed at people living with mental illness, and it's not...
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