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Anniversary Giveaway Winners & Emergency Announcement

I am happy to announce the two lucky winners of my first ever giveaway and I thank Jeanne Melanson and her cool Animal Bliss blog for being such a kind host to my Anniversary Giveaway! Out of 320 entries, Victoria Kondovski and Michael Nicodemus Holda were the two luckiest random winners to get my e-book A World Without Color! However, since Michael in the meantime got my e-book and already wrote a very nice and passionate review for it, he was kind enough to let Jeanne pick another winner and make her happy. So the second lucky winner is Natalie Hartmann! Congratulations, guys! There is good news for the rest of you too. The A World Without Color e-book is still available at KindleUnlimted ...
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Paperback: The Waiting is Over!

The long journey is over and I have reached my destination! After a long delay and lots of postponing, my novella A World Without Color is available as paperback! On September 13, 2017 it was released for publication on CreateSpace and since yesterday, September 16, 2017, it is available for purchase on Amazon as well. If you prefer a paperback over an e-book (like me), go grab your copy! You curl up in your new hideout, and the soft light of the April afternoon washes your worn-out body. You are aware of my closeness. You confirm that with a gentle sigh while my palm tenderly slides down your fur. You still like my touch, although pain is what you now mostly feel. And uncertainty—but for ho...
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Anniversary Giveaway

9/11 Anniversary Giveaway

Welcome to the A World Without Color giveaway! Date: Sept 11 – Sept 25, 2017  On September 11 I am marking two years of launching my official website and one year of my Twitter account @BernardJanWorld!  For that occasion I've partnered with Animal Bliss blog to give two e-books of my novella A World Without Color to two lucky winners and subscribers of the Animal Bliss blog in a two-weeks giveaway contest. A World Without Color is a powerful, emotional and honest true story of the last three days I spent with my cat Marcel.  If you love animals, don't miss the opportunity to be one of two lucky winners of this heartfelt and moving novella!  I don't condition but appreciat...
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Fun and Fast interview and giveaway with Uvi Poznansky

I am honored to be interviewed on Tabitha Barret's website, where I also offer a giveaway prize. She was curious to know Why should readers buy my book? To which I said:Regardless of genre, books can do one of two things: they can let you escape from reality, or they can set a mirror before you where you can see it, even in its darkest corners, with brilliance and precision you have not faced before. My books do both. Set in a different era, for example WWII London, they sweep you away into remembering every detail of that time, from how women styled their hair to how a telephone call from a booth was connected overseas. But arching over all these details is the way you will engage with my c...
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