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Everything Sci-Fi : World Building Part 1

Hello, and welcome to this edition of Everything Sci-Fi.   World Building - Part 1 Roll up... Roll up for the mystery tour... The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away... Waiting to take you away... Waiting to take you away...   Everyone knows this very popular Beatles tune. Tell me, what comes to mind when you listen to this piece of music? Where does this magical mystery tour take you? Do it right now. Close your eyes and think about where you’d like to be. What do you think about, where do you go when you listen to this song in your mind?   As a writer, it’s my job to take you on a magical mystery tour of my mind. Sure, writers of song and books have the same goal in mind; we t...
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Return of Everything Sci-Fi

Dear Friends, It's been a very long time since I've wrote my blog, Everything Sci-Fi. Beginning this fall, I will have a start up my posting once again. This time, my writing blog will not only be tips and tricks for authors, but interesting stories about emerging science inventions and how science fiction now becomes science fact. Stay tuned in the coming days, as I will be sharing some of my archived posts from Everything Sci-Fi.   Brian K. Larson, Author "Sparking imaginations, one book at a time."
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Reflections on Blogging from A to Z

At the end of March, I made an impulsive decision to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until a friend and fellow author revealed her theme for the project, so I was already a little bit behind the power curve.  However, I hurriedly came up with a plan and jumped in with both feet. So, what happened during April?  I posted at least one blog article every single day except one (my most active month).  I doubled my readership (which wasn’t huge, but still … more eyes!).  I was able to share facts from my various historical fiction projects, and create some buzz about the release of Bayou Fire … which happens today!  Most importantly, I me...
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