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Stop people who wish to make you feel inferior

The reason why someone should make you feel inferior always exists. The roots could be deep in his personality, in his character, or in competition.

If a woman wants to steal your man, she will gossip about you. "She is ugly, stupid, poor, promiscuous."

If someone wants to steal your job, he will try to make you humiliated. "He is lazy, unable to do this job, his skills are zero."

If someone denies your talent, he will say that you need help by an expert or minorize your values. Also, the person will ask for money to develop your talent. 

Success is not for weak people. As Dostojevski said: "Don't stand to hit every dog in your path with a rock ." No, you have no time for this. 

Envy and jealousy will make your opponent weak. He will slow down his progress, while you will go faster. 

Success is focused on progress. We are going in the future, not toward the past. Don't look back, you are not going that way. If I would think about all mean people in my past, I would never sleep well. These stones someone throws at you are just alerts, how to pick up your company. With whom you are hanging out?

A real friend will never try to make you inferior. He can criticize you and your work but in a professional way. He will not try to take advantage of your weakness or failures to earn money on you. He will not try to make you less worthy and treat you like an immature kid.

Unfortunately, work with amateurs is the most expensive work you will ever have. They interfere with emotions in their judgment, they are sharing lectures instead of useful tips and you are wasting your time with them.

Thanks to people who read me and comment on my posts. I am glad to see you after so long time.
Original author: Kristina Gallo
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