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Spread Peace Through Art--Wish I Knew How to Paint!


Pastures painted in vivid greens,

‘neath skies of blended blues;

soothing scenes depict tranquility,

of places past--

Where tall grass blows upon a lea,

shepherds tend gentle flocks,

work horses graze,

farmhands nap,

chickens waddle to a trough.

How fortunate that grandmother knew how to paint.

Her heart,

in cracking oils on canvas,

randomly splashed on my suburban walls,

reminds me,

and those who visit,


peace and serenity.

And you!

How lucky are you?

Given a chance to leave a legacy,

to express yourself with art.

A lifetime ahead--anew--

to spread love to future generations.

Please pick up the brush,

the pencil,

even a box of crayons.

It’s never too late to begin.

(Written by Eve Gaal in loving memory of her talented grandmother, who knew the influence of art.)

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