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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Scream”

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Someone screaming

Today’s challenge is “Scream”

“Downgraded website plan. Formatting now issue.”

Today’s challenge is a real-life one for me at present.
I stepped back to a premium plan from the business one on WordPress (I’m just not big league enough to afford the expense), and I’ve been finding tiny glitches ever since. The most recent one made me scream as it involved the sample chapters from “The Korpes File”; the formatting had shifted to quote block… How did I discover this? Someone did it for me. A potential reader happened upon it and I can only imagine what they thought. I’ve corrected all three chapters listed, but if anyone traipsing around on the site finds more hinky juu juu, please let me know.

I look forward to your responses. 

J. I. Rogers

Wally and Me (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
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