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Sample Saturday: His Beloved Infidel

31432511My novella, His Beloved Infidel, has a dedication that reads “For two men, both named Ramin.”  One of them was my high school classmate, Ramin Monsef; the other is theatrical performer Ramin Karimloo.

We saw Ramin Karimloo perform Thursday night, doing a benefit for a number of worthy causes in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was absolutely delightful; there was a great deal of laughter to go along with the music.  After the show, my husband gave Ramin a build-your-own cable car kit to commemorate his first visit to San Francisco.  Ramin’s response was enthusiastic: “This is great! I got one of these from Harry Potter for my son, and now I can build this one as well!”

me ramin jeffYour intrepid author, Ramin Karimloo, and Jeff Cathcart

The first time I met Ramin was five years ago, in Northern Hollywood, when I drove down for one of his performances. It was the same weekend in which I finished the initial draft of His Beloved Infidel. Please enjoy this small snippet.

Catherine decided to go to Notre Dame; she was not Catholic, and only nominally religious at all, but she liked the cathedral’s quiet darkness. She could be alone while surrounded by strangers, and even be somewhat meditative in her own way. She slipped on her coat and a hat, and walked over to the huge edifice. She could not help thinking of Victor Hugo’s story; The Hunchback of Notre Dame was, at its very base, the story of a man and a woman, Phoebus and Esmeralda, whose love was frowned upon. And there was no doubt in her mind; she loved Farukh. No amount of disapproval would move her.

That thought came as something of a surprise, even as she realized the truth of it. Her grandmother, Helen, always said that everything happened for a reason — even if no one could tell what it was at the time. Maybe the reason she’d taken this job in Paris, so far from home, was so that she could meet her soul mate. And maybe that soul mate was Farukh.

Back cover copy:

Farukh and Catherine are colleagues at Paris’ World Language Institute. He is Persian; she is American. Can their newly-discovered love survive the strain of Iran’s Islamic Revolution?

Author Sharon E. Cathcart (In The Eye of The Beholder, Through the Opera Glass) presents her first tale of inter-ethnic romance. Set against the backdrop of real-world events, Cathcart tells the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events.

Want to know more about Farukh and Catherine?  Get your copy of His Beloved Infidel from one of these fine retailers:

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