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Review: The Bestowing sun by Neil Grimmett

I received the book from the family for an honest review.

I was shocked when I learned about the author's passing when they contacted me. I have read two other books from the author which I truly liked. And, without hesitation, I agreed to read this book as well.
It has a slow start and I had no idea where it was going since the scenes were all over the place.
I really struggled to get into this book, only halfway through the story started to shape enough for me to enjoy the plot.  Sibling rivalry is the main focus, and you learn about each turmoil and reasons for either moving away or staying and the effects that shaped them individually.
Not sure what the objective of the story was and I struggled to get through it. It didn't capture my attention as I would have liked, as with his other books.
Overall it is well written with a few grammatical errors but I did not find it difficult to read. 

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