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Phones to the rescue


My daughter calls from Mexico in a panic. The ATM she was using clicked and chattered as they usually do, but no money was ejected from the machine. This has happened to me a couple of times over the years so I know the feeling.

“I’m not at home and my phone charge is dangerously low,” she says. “Please check my account to see if I’ve been debited.”

Yep. She’s been debited. I call her back and tell her I’ll phone our bank.

I explain what happened to the young man and tell him that my daughter can’t call him herself because she’s running out of charge.

“I just had a woman call from the US with the same problem,” he says. “Don’t worry, we can sort this out.” The young man at the bank needs information. I’m using the house phone so I call my daughter using my cell.


We have a three-way conversation over the two phones. My daughter’s phone dies but we’ve managed to get the needed information in time.

I stay on the line with the bank until the request for a refund has been made and I’ve been given a reference number. It will take time, but she will get her money back.

A big problem solved in a matter of minutes with modern phone service.

PS My daughter’s phone plan in Mexico allows for unlimited long-distance calls and costs her a little less than $10.00CAD a month.


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