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My thoughts on Meghan Markle and Harry

First let me begin by saying that I'm 55. That means that I've been around the block a few times, kissed a few boys, worked hard and paid a truckload of tax, made sacrifices and never really got to live my dreams because life took over. I've had euphoric highs and breathtakingly black lows. I've learned who my friends are and who they aren't. I speak my mind because I have earned the right to tell people to f...k off who encroach on my valuable time and space. Therefore I won't hold back by saying that Meghan Markle is an odious character.

I see a lot of my mother in Meghan Markle because they could have been twins. My mother was a narcissist, a dreadfully unpleasant woman who disliked everyone, thought herself superior and manipulated events and people even her own children. The centre of her universe was herself. Meghan Markle's attention seeking, her alienating of Harry from his family, her subtle brainwashing to make him believe he is under siege for the sole purpose of making her the rock in the relationship, I have seen it all before..The truth is she doesn't like herself and suffers with crushing inadequacy with a large chip on her shoulder. Why else would she have had a nose job etc, and be obsessed with her persona in the public eye? Not dissimilar to Diana who craved attention because of her parents' divorce and unhappy relationship with them. To be frank, I often considered my father a saint to have stayed with my mother for fifty two years. To me it was a sort of madness to tolerate the absurdity of someone who would most of the time be completely false and controlling in her dealings with just about everyone including the pet dog. I abandoned my own marriage when I decided that life was too short to put up with someone else's shit.

I have zero sympathy for Harry born into a life of privilege unlike most middle class taxpayers like myself who are forced to live in a permanent state of exhaustion, taut with stress and concerns for our future. Harry made his choice and just has to live with it. He looks miserable enough and has the demeanour of someone who daren't have an original thought in his head for fear of a tantrum and being knocked out by a porcelain plate on its way across the room. One can only hope that one day as the plate whizzes past, he'll catch it midway and walk out the door.

The headline news today is Harry and Meghan want to be semi Royal but also to cash in commercially on their royal connections. Howzat? Are they dense or suffering with delusions of grandeur. Excuse me for asking but do they use the toilet like everyone else? It doesn't sound like it. Seems that they are so high on their own petard they are completely disconnected from reality. That's what narcissists do, they create their own reality where, yes, you guessed it, all they ever see is a reflection of their perfect divine image, one only worthy of worship and adulation.

I sincerely hope that the Queen will strip these two vile idiots of all the trappings that their titles bring and banish them to the stark wilderness. Remember how miserable they said they were whilestanding in Africa, the continent where shitting in a ravine, child soldiers, rape and corruption are par for the course? They've humiliated and upset the Queen, who the majority of Britons adore and respect. The Queen will probably go down in history as one of the world's best monarchs: hardworking, loyal and faithful to the hand dealt to her, apolitical, and we love her. The Queen doesn't complain or explain because her whole life has been about service and duty. Long may she reign and Ma'am, we are so sorry that you have to endure the disappointment and embarassment of your grandchild and his most disastrous choice of a fame obsessed trashy wife.


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

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