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My Goodreads TBR list so far for 2018 - 2019

Here is my list for the next year - so far... ??

My books to read grows rapidly by day, week and month but my books read not so much. As you can see I like a wide variety. From Historical to bad boys in paranormal romance, thrillers and war, a good mystery and yes, even time-travel. I like the challenge and the discovery of new styles and genres from each author. Many of these books are on my Kindle since 2012. I am always busy reading new authors books due to demand but this year and the year to come I want to focus on the ones that I have bought, received as gifts or won in a competition, and some I bought. 

The self-help books are on my list for selfish reasons. To grow, and prosper and help me to be a better speaker in my work and as a radio announcer. 

Each of us understands what books mean to us and why it is important to have them in our lives. Without them, we feel lost, missing something bigger than ourselves... forming a big part of our ideas, thoughts and yes, the way forward. 

My wish is that your own list grows with rapid awareness of all the literature out there and be inspired in your daily walk. May you find peace within the pages of each book and conscious of life.

I wish you a read-full festive season and a very happy new year. 

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