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Latin insults – a primer

dirtywords-300x217I’ve had a lot of fun with my little booklet about Greek and Latin profanities, and I had promised a post on the subject, so here we go.
What follows is a basic list of Latin insults.
It is of course Not Safe for Work, especially if you are working in the Roman Empire…

Amasiuncula – little slut Ambubaia – whore Amens – idiot Belua – beast Bucco – growler Cacator – shitter, full of shit Cimex – revolting Cinaedus – “faggot”, homosexual Congerro – clown Crucis offla – scapegallows Cucurbite caput – thick-headed (literally “pumpkin-headed”) Cunnio – womanizer Derisor – clown Ebriosus – drunkard Foedissima – very ugly woman Frustum pueri – big baby Furcifer – rascal Ganeo – guzzler Gulo – sponge (in the sense of drunkard) Hircus – goat Hirudo – leach Homo nun nauci – good for nothing Homo taeter – repulsive man Impudicus – debauched Lotiolentus – pisser Lustro – drunkard (as in “lush”) Mentula – prick Muliebris patientiae scortum – gay Nebulo – braggart Nequissimus – helpless, good for nothing Pathicus – “invert” Pecus – fool Pusillus – microbe, gnat Scelestus – knave Scortun – whore Sentina – scum Sopio – big prick Spado – gelding Spissigradissimus – wimp Sus lutulenta – dirty bitch Veneficus – poisoner Verbero – slap face Verpa – dick Vetulus – old fool

And yes, there was also a lot of creative insulting in Latin. My favorite is of course mater tua caligas gerit, which means literally your mother wears legionary boots. That, you’ll have to admit, is quite creative, as an insult.

Anyway, here you are for starters – tomorrow, a little selection of Greek obscenities and insults. Just for completeness’ sake.


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