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Indie author Lee Hall

Today I am representing an indie author Lee Hall. I read his book, The ghost beside me. This is a fantastic connection of dream and reality. Average man can identify with the content, when his dreams stayed unfilled, and he wishes to lives in the parallel universe. The book is manifest of philosophy and psychological insight in human behavior, when a person is antisocial, so all what it leaves is a conversation with himself. 

The author made his readers thinking how to deal with life when frustrations are bigger than your achievements and when others take your place. 

The author's biography. 

Lee Hall is an indie author and playwright from the UK. The stories he writes cross many different genres from occult thriller, paranormal romance to super hero comedy while his plays are mainly adapted from original fairy tales.

He is a supporter of indie authors and blogs regularly sharing book reviews, publishing advice and more recently interviews with creatives.



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