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Don't Forget to Vote!

Many of you may have already watched this short video, 
but I wanted to make sure everyone sees it before the election. 


Our local library invited me to create something about our town, the founder, and the 19th Amendment. 
Though a huge honor, it took some planning due to the pandemic. Everything had to be done with computers, phone calls, books, emails and text messages.

What to do? 

So, I wrote an introduction, a skit, a song and a short narrative. The song is called, "I'll Never Stop Thinking" and I needed to find a composer! I have a few musical friends on Facebook but only asked one, and he came through like a true professional. (Last time I saw Keith, he was 8. I remembered a flurry of fast-moving freckles.) Anyway, I have no other words for Keith Walsh, other than amazing. He understood my words and interpreted the song better than I could have imagined. 

Also amazing, is the singer, Candace Grewe who sang the song and performed the skit with the talented Suzanne Saunders.  Candace and her family assembled the entire video! Again, I'm speechless. 

Thank you to the Wildomar Library and all involved with this short production. I am proud to live in this town and thankful for wonderful friends! 

Beyond the Realm: Remember
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