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Darkness: The Lower Energies of the Universe

Darkness: The Lower Energies of the Universe Let’s imagine for a moment that we are in Heaven or Nirvana or whatever you imagine it to be. Now think about being there for a period of time. I would like to start with 80 years. So for 80 years I have lived in perfect bliss. No worries, no problems, no heartache, no pain, just pure uninterrupted bliss. Now let’s imagine being there for 150 years. There are still no worries, or sorrow, no problems, no pain. What if we imagined being there for 5000 years? Would it still be bliss? Would the feelings and experience of bliss change at all? Would it remain the same? And if it remained the same would we be able to know that it was bliss after a period of time? Would we appreciate that bliss after let’s say 150,000 years? Let’s imagine something else now. Let’s pretend that we are in this eternal state of bliss. Close your eyes and feel what it would be like to live in bliss constantly for 150,000 years. Now let’s decide to experience something else, something different from bliss. I would like to imagine what it would feel like to sit in the warm sun and then jump into a cold pool of water. I would also like to imagine what it would be like to ride a bicycle. I think I would like to know what if feels like to carry a baby inside of me. I also think I would like to experience the feelings and sensations of holding hands with my lover and watching beautiful fire works explode while we sit on a blanket together with the stars beaming down on us as we snuggle close to keep each other warm. Next I wonder what it would be like to be separated from the love of my life for a while and then get to feel the anticipation of knowing he’s coming back to me. Then get to run to him and jump into his arms and cover him with sweet beautiful kisses. I would like to know what it feels like to watch my four year old son blow out the candles at his birthday party and experience the feelings of watching his face light up when he opens his birthday presents. Huuummmm……. Where can I go to have these beautiful experiences? As I look around the universe I see a place that is lovely. It has large mountains with singing birds all around. I see amazing bodies of water that land on sandy white beaches and are covered with people running and laughing and playing together. I see famalies loving each other and …….and ……wait, I see something else down there. Someone has tears rolling down his face. What is wrong with him? What is he feeling? What is he experiencing? I want to understand this. I want to feel what he is feeling. Is it possible that we choose to leave Heaven and come to earth to have experiences that we cannot have there? Do we come here to experience the lower energies of the universe because we can’t experience them in the form of pure spirit? And if this is ultimate reality, then are we experiencing pain on purpose? And if we are doing these things because our soul wants to experience them, then what is there for me to fear while I’m going through them? And can I choose to change my experience while I’m here on Earth and make it a better human experience? These are just a few thoughts I had this morning while meditating. What do you think?
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