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Coping With Loss During the Holidays

Coping with loss is always painful and unfortunately the holidays intensify that pain. What is supposed to be the happiest and most magical time of the year becomes sad, agonizing and lonely for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

In my work as a psychic medium, one of the many uplifting things I’ve learned from spirits is how they don’t want you to be sad. One of the reasons I wrote the books Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity, is to demonstrate that spirits are pure energy and connected to us. That energetic connection has another name: LOVE!

My late friend, mentor and priest Father Sonny often said, “Grief is the price of love. We grieve as deeply as we have loved, but a life without love isn’t much of a life at all.”

Love doesn’t end at physical death. Through the energetic connection known as love, spirits know what is happening in your life. I’ve witnessed how they never want you to be sad. In fact, spirits have communicated they didn’t want loved ones to skip a holiday or be miserable because of their passing.

Of course, that’s easy for spirits to say—they’re pure energy! Energy doesn’t get sick, doesn’t get old, doesn’t die and isn’t in pain.

For those living in the material world, this is far from easy. Finding inner peace after the loss of a loved one is a long and difficult process. Accepting the reality of the death is essential. Through that acceptance the long and arduous process to inner peace begins, and it takes time and patience. Everyone heals at his or her own pace and you can’t “fast track” your recovery. Don’t put unrealistic demands upon yourself or those you know who have sustained a loss.

Getting to the point where you can celebrate a holiday is a goal to strive for in the healing process. It’s not disloyal to your loved one for you to laugh again. And, if not celebrating a holiday this year is too difficult, then don’t! Wait until you are ready.

It’s also important not to face the holidays alone. This is the time to reach out to family, friends, your faith community or even people on social media. This is why I formed the Never Letting Go Grief Support Group on Facebook. It’s a forum of compassionate and caring friends who share their feelings in a positive and non-judgmental environment.

One of the most important healing tools in the journey through grief is to make contact with your loved ones in spirit. This can be an uplifting experience which leads to a renewed sense of wellbeing that helps lead to inner peace.

It is my life mission to assist those suffering with loss by facilitating a connection with loved ones in spirit. If you or someone you know may benefit by connecting with the Other Side, I invite you to visit:

May you have a Holiday Season filled with inner peace, outward calm, health and prosperity.

Many Blessings,

Mark Anthony

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